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Do you use solo ads, or are you planning to try solo ads for your affiliate offers?

Writing a perfect solo ad email is one of the most crucial key factors on which the success of your campaign depends.

Most of the internet marketers do not pay much attention to their ad content, which affects their end results.

In this article, I have discussed how to write a solo ad email for your solo ad campaign that gives the best conversion.

What is a Solo ad Email?

A solo ad email is a message that the list owners will be sending to their subscribers.

They are sent as dedicated emails, and the whole message is focused on your promotion or offer, including a call-to-action. Solo ad emails are one of the fastest ways to gain a high number of views and exposure to your offers.

Write a Catchy Solo Ad Subject Line

You can’t leverage the power of solo ads if the subject line of your solo ad email is not compelling enough for the viewers to open it.

Low open rates mean low clicks and low conversions. Your subject line should be not only decent looking but also capable of sparking a curiosity among the readers.

The subject line should be catchy to grab the attention and force them to take action. Here are a few ways in which you can make your solo ad subject line catchy –

  • Using Action-Oriented Words – Using power or action-oriented words can make your headlines more engaging and clickable and push the readers to take action.
  • Including Numbers – Numbers stand out more as compared to words. Hence, they are more effective when used in subject lines. You can use numbers to describe the benefits you offer or some special discount on your offer.
  • Showing a Sense of Urgency – Creating a sense of emergency is important to force the readers to take immediate action on your offer. Creating a sense of emergency in the email subject lines increases the open rates by 22%.
  • Avoiding Misleading Title – Don’t use misleading words in your subject line to increase your open rate because the reader anyway would leave your offer straightcaway, and the first impression says it all.

Keep the Content Short and Clear

It is ideal to keep the body of the content in your email short, straight to the point, and clear as generally, people don’t have the patience to read long emails. Concise content highlighted with benefits tends to get the best results from the audience.

Write in a Friendly Tone

If you are writing a solo ad, make sure that your tone is not formal, as if you are writing to your own friend. Just try to be casual and polite in your words but don’t get too comfortable.

Link Placement

Cloaking all the URLs present in your email body is not the right approach.

As most of the links nowadays contain viruses, it is best to use a cloaked link just for your affiliate link, and for the rest of the links, you can show your link so that the readers are aware where they will end up landing and build a level of trust on you and your offer.


A call-to-action is nothing but a button or a link that prompts the user to click.

It has been observed that using button-based CTAs improve the click-through rates by 28%.

So, use eye-catching and clean buttons to your conversion rate. Make your text button large enough to be read easily and use bright colours to make it stand out.

Also, try to keep your call-to-action above the fold so that the readers never miss it.

Copywriting by List Owner

In some cases, the email list owner prefers to write the subject line and the ad content for your offer.

In this case, make sure you agree with the content as the email subject line and main body can either make or break your solo ad investment.

If you are a novice in copywriting or just want to save time and effort in writing the solo ad, it is best to let the list owner write the content for you, but ensure that the content is approved by you before running the ad.

Final Verdict

In today’s world, email is one of the most powerful sources for marketing, provided you use it the right way.

As they say, money is in the list. Make sure to try writing your solo ad in the same way you write an email to your own list.

I hope that the suggestions listed above will help you make your solo ads not only highly readable but also help you get the maximum number of clicks and conversions on your offer.

In case you have any doubt related to any point discussed above, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

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