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If you are running an online business and want to create the most effective promotion with reduced costs, ClickMagick is the tool to go for.

Did you know that in your sales funnel you are losing the profits you deserve?

ClickMagick is one of the most effective links tracking tools that can effectively track that weak spot in your sales funnels to increase your profits.

In this article, I have reviewed ClickMagick so that you can understand how you can benefit from this amazing link tracking tool.

Why ClickMagick?

If you’ve been in the industry for a while and run some marketing campaigns, have you ever wondered if you’re wasting money on ad clicks? ClickMagick is more than just an ordinary link tracking tool.

It can analyse marketing promotions and identify winning and losing campaigns.

By tracking a link it can analyze traffic behaviour and identify which page or product they like and which they don’t like, identify the most popular posts or products, when they leave your site and so on.

Features of ClickMagick

It has many useful features that can help you develop a comprehensive marketing campaign by providing valuable data regarding your traffic source.

Here are some of the most popular features-

Sales Funnel Tracker

Suppose you have created the most advanced sales funnel.

But do you know its effectiveness? This tool can analyze traffic behaviour through your entire sales funnel, show an enhanced report on when traffic is leaving.

So that you can put more effort into weaker places and increase the healthy flow of income.

Phone Sales Tracker

If you can’t track the percentage of your revenue from phone sales, it’s hard to optimise ads to scale the business.

Are you running a small business, ClickMagick is the only platform that lets you track that data with a very simple tweak.

Cross Device Tracker

It often happens that a visitor Opt-in using their tablet or mobile device and then leaves the site without making a purchase.

Probably a week later the same visitor bought the product using a laptop. How can you track these sales? This feature will track that data for you.

Fraud Tracker

Have you ever wondered that you are paying your hard-earned money for BOT clicks? How can you define it?

This feature allows you to set rules regarding what kind of traffic you want and what you don’t. Which reduce your ad cost dramatically.

Intelligent A/B split Tester

It takes time to define a winning campaign, most people make mistakes here, they close the test too early.

However, this feature will run A / B segmentation testing and will automatically notify you whenever it identifies a satisfactory winning campaign.

The algorithm even redirects traffic to the winning variant.

Pixel Tracker

With this feature, you will be able to set the retargeting pixels on any link, no matter which network you are on. So you can retarget your audience and dramatically increase sales.

GEO Location Tracker

This feature shows you the geographical location of your customers and you can set the rules for which page you want to send visitors based on their location.

Traffic Quality Checker

It shows a unique traffic score for all of your tracking links. So that you can analyze which traffic source is working out for your promotion.

And if the value of click doesn’t meet your expectations, it notifies you.

Real-Time Stats

ClickMagick has an enhanced reporting system that shows you real-time reports about your ad spends, conversion rate, order value, profit, ROI, return on ad spend, and more.

Those reports allow you to come up with more comprehensive marketing plans.

Click Rotator

It has 5 different types of rotator with a ton of useful features. That allows you to set rules on where to drive traffic based on time, location, device type and many more.

Based on those rules, Click Rotator will automatically deliver traffic to different pages.


  • Better targeting and retargeting system gets you 25% more conversion.
  • I appreciate their 24/7 priority support.
  • Track custom domain as many as you want. No limit at all.
  • Advanced fraud detection algorithm. Tracks Traffic quality.
  • Directly share on social media with custom image and texts.
  • The enhanced click rotator really helps a lot.
  • The link redirects comparatively quite fast.
  • Ability to set pixels on any link and network is awesome.
  • Data import and export feature seems helpful to me.


  • User Experience was good. But could be better.
  • Price is reasonable but I expected more click with that price.

ClickMagick Pricing

Starter Plan: Starting at just $27. Could be ideal for a new marketer. With that price, you can track up to 10,000 clicks per month, Unlimited conversions and use all of their core features.

However, you can track only one funnel with this plan.

Standard Plan- Starting at just $67. Ideal for a growing business. Allows you to track up to 100,000 clicks per month with Unlimited conversions.

Can track 5 funnels and 10 custom domain with 1 full year data retention and 1-hour helpdesk support.

Pro Plan- Starting at just $97. Ideal for those who need extensive power. Allows you to track up to 1,000,000 clicks per month with all features of ClickMagick.

Can track unlimited funnels and custom domain with 2 full-year data retention and 1-hour helpdesk support. Get 1-on-1 onboarding call.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does ClickMagick work?

They create a unique URL by placing pixels on your link. And it tracks the pixel no matter which network you use.

It collects data related to traffic sources, location, behaviour and create useful reports that you can analyze.

  • How much does ClickMagick cost?

At the moment they offer 3 different plans for different types of needs. Starting at $27 for the Starter Plan, $67 for Standard Plan and $97 for the PRO Plan.

Each of their plans offers a 14-day free trial to try out their awesome service.

  • What is Click ID?

Click ID is a unique click identifier that collects information regarding their source, location and more whenever someone clicks on your link or ads.

  • Can I use ClickMagick tracking link in my email?

Of course, you can use ClickMagick in the email to track.

However, they recommend that you read the Anti-Spam Policy and create a custom tracking domain. You can get more information on this subject on their knowledge base.


ClickMagick delivers exactly what promised. It has become so popular among online business owners and marketers. The ability to analyze traffic sources and behaviour data really helps a lot in advancing a comprehensive marketing plan at a very affordable price.

If you are still confused whether this tool is ideal for you or not, they offer a 14-day trial for all their plans. Try out their service, and see if you like it.

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