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Do you know at what stage of your sales funnel you are losing a customer? A link tracker software can track that data for you.

Link tracking software can identify the weak spots of your marketing promotion so that you can strengthen the promotion by reducing the vulnerabilities with more focus in that place.

In this article, I’ve listed the top 10 best link tracking software that can effectively track your traffic behaviour and dramatically reduce your advertising costs.

What is Lnk tracking?

Link Tracking Tool creates a unique URL for your product or webpage.

our visitor’s behavior, location, which product or post they like, which they don’t, and much more valuable information.

Using these data, you’ll be able to verify the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and create more strategic marketing plans ahead. So that you can take your business to the next.

Top 10 Lnk tracking Software

There are hundreds of link tracking tools on the market but choosing the best tool for your needs can be a difficult task.

That’s why we’ve done in-depth research and, using our many years of experience, selected the top ten link tracking tools that will track all the necessary information about your visitors for you.

1. ClickMagick

ClickMagick is not just an ordinary link tracking tool, it can do more than just tracking links. Which makes it one the best link tracking tool on the market. This amazing tool will track customer behaviour and help effectively reduce your ad costs.

It doesn’t matter which platform you run the campaign on, ClickMagick will track your link.

Features of ClickMagick

Sales Funnel Tracker- It can effectively track basic, complex to advanced sales funnels.

Phone Sales Tracker- Track if you have got conversion using mobile devices.

Cross device Tracking- A customer may have watched webinar using a mobile phone and later purchased using Laptop. Track these cross-device conversions with ease.

Intelligent A/B Split Test- Run A/B split test, ClickMagick Algorithm will automatically notify you if it finds a campaign with a satisfactory result.

GEO and mobile tracking- Set rules and send a visitor to specific page based on GEO location.

Automated BOT filter- Detect suspicious visitors and block BOT clicks.


  • Better targeting. Get 25% more conversion.
  • 24/7 priority support.
  • Track custom domains without any limit at all.
  • Analyse traffic quality. And monitor fraud.
  • Share a custom image or text on Facebook.


  • The price of Standard Pack seems a bit high.
  • UX needs more attention.


All of their plans offer 14-day of free trial.

  • $27 per month for Starter Plan. (Upto 10,000 clicks /mo)
  • $67 per month for Standard Plan. (Upto 100,000 clicks /mo)
  • $97 per month for Pro Plan. (Upto 1,000,000 clicks /mo)

2. ClickMeter

ClickMeter comes with hundreds of super useful features that make it one of the most popular link tracking tool. You’ll be able to track, monitor, compare, analyse all of your marketing links with ease. No technical knowledge needed.

A quite unique profile management system provides dedicated features for agencies, advertisers, publishers and affiliates

Features of ClickMeter

Retarget visitors- Retarget audience who clicked on link based on timestamp, IP, city, region etc.

Conversion Tracker- Build a list of potential customers and customers based on conversions and opt-in.

Automated A/B split testing- Run A/B split test and rotate on different sales funnel as well as on landing page.

Custom domain- You can use your own brand’s domain to create trackable links for your Affiliate products.

Data Exporter- Export data reports regarding your visitors to a spreadsheet.

Click here to learn more features.


  • Easy to use all in one solution.
  • Advanced tagging to get organised.
  • Max click redirect is quite useful.
  • Tons of features, great for teams.


  • Takes some time to setup.
  • The software experience may seems a bit difficult for some people.


  • $29 per month for Medium Plan. (25,000 clicks /mo)
  • $99 per month for Large Plan. (200,000 clicks /mo)
  • $349 per month for X-Learge Plan. (2,000,000 clicks /mo)

3. Voluum

When it comes to AI-powered cloud-based link tracker, Voluum is one of the best link tracker tools. This extensive tool can be super beneficial to affiliate marketers, blogger as well as for marketing agencies.

Track and monitor over 30 matrics at a time in a real-time report with clicks, visit, conversion and traffic source.

Features of Voluum

Direct Tracking Pixel – Track pixel directly for your paid or organic traffic. Redirect not required.

Extensive Data grouping- Group audience data with layers and prioritise to take action.

Rule based trageting – Set different rules for the audience and drive them to different sales funnel and landing page.

Anti Fraud – Detect suspicious visit and block BOT clicks. This feature reduce ad cost dramatically.

Multi User – Working with a team? Invite your teammate to Voluum and collaborate them by sharing insight.

Multi Cost Model – Calculate your profit and ROI by track your campaign spent with CPC, CPM, CPA, or Revshare.


  • Their dashboard is very user-friendly and informative.
  • Collaborating with partners on Voluum really helps increase workflow.
  • Data sharing features is quite easy and safe.
  • Mobile and desktop notification can be very handy to monitor rules and conditions.
  • The mobile app can be super beneficial sometimes.


  • The pricing seems a bit on the higher side.
  • You can be disappointed with Voluum business Ethics and customer Service.


  • $69 per month for Discover Plan.
  • $134 per month for Profit Plan.
  • $381 per month for Grow Plan.
  • $999 per month for Agency Plan.

4. is yet another link tracking tool. They are well known for their extensive data management system. The control panel is userfriendly. You can manage all of your marketing ads, links from one place. is a web-based link tracking service. You are not required to install any software neither have to know code to use this tracker. Subscribe for a pack and you are ready to go in minutes.

Features of Trck.Me

Custom Branding – This feature allows you to Cloak URL with your own brand domain.

Auto Tagging – The tool create tags automatically based on your traffic source.

Advanced filter – Analyse your traffic source and what they are viewing. Set rules and different ads will be shown to a different source of traffic.

Real-Time Analytics – Track down a countless number of channels and priorities what matters the most.


  • Enhanced data management system for better ad performance.
  • The dashboard is user-friendly and informative.
  • Auto-tagging makes it easy to use for people in a hurry.


  • The homepage is not transparent about their features.
  • The customer support department needs more attention.


  • $29 per month for Standard Plan.
  • $99 per month for Enterprise Plan.

5. Improvely

Improvely is a simple yet powerful link tracking tool designed for small to the large business model. This powerful tracking tool can help you to collect and analyse marketing campaign data, detect and block fraud clicks, visits and so on.

They detect real people who are browsing your site and automatically create a separate profile for each visitor. Which can be super beneficial to any marketer.

Features of Improvely

Custom-built funnel reports – Track down your entire sales funnel and shows you user activity on every step till conversion. Automatically detects where your sales drop off.

Keyword and Ads protection – Improvely protects your keyword and campaign and prevents stealing keywords and snooping campaigns by competitors.

Best traffic reports – Detect and shows your source of revenue. So that you can spend more where you get result.

Cloak links – Hide your affiliate links. And control what URL will be shown on the Address bar as well as on Title bar.

Import and Export data – Export reports as Excel CSV file and analyse with your group or share with your client.


  • Improvely detect IP exclusion and duplication automatically.
  • Import data from Bing, Google into your Improvely.
  • Integrate with dozens of Affiliate network including Maxbounty and ClickBank.
  • Advanced fraud detection system.
  • Improvely offers a reasonable pricing plan.


  • UX is useful but not so friendly.
  • Support needs more attention.


  • $29 per month for Freelancer Plan.
  • $79 per month for Startup Plan.
  • $149 per month for Small Agency Plan.
  • $299 per month for Large Agency Plan.

6. Linktrack

Linktrack is yet another cloud-based link tracking tool that offers unlimited links even for the free account holder. Though this is not why they are so popular. They offer unlimited tracking at a very cheap price, which makes Linktrack very popular.

Although links with a free account only stay active for 7 days or get inactive after 100 clicks. But with a premium account, you’ll be able to track unlimited links that never expire.

Features of Linktrack

Enhanced Notification – Whenever your links get real click by a real person you’ll be notified instantly over email with vital information regarding that visitor.

Charts and Graphs – Analyse your campaign with real-time graph and charts report.

Easy share – Decide which links data you want to share with your client. And share it easily.

Password Protect – You can set a password of a specific link. And visitor has to know the password to reach final destination.

IP and GEO Location – Visualize the geographical location of unique visitors with IP address.


  • One of the super beneficial features is links never expire.
  • You can change the final destination of your links.
  • Control who can access your link data by setting password for them.
  • You can set link deactivation time after certain clicks.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Linktrack stores your link data for 30 days only.
  • UX is not good. Needs more attention.
  • Customer support is not great.


  • $0 per month for Free Account.
  • $24 per month for Basic Account.
  • $36 per month for Professional Account.
  • $119 per month for Agency Account.

7. Redtrack

Redtrack link tracker comes with a ton of powerful features. Though it has enough features yet they add new features constantly based on customer feedback. Their management team listen to the customer’s feedback. This is one of the key reason why they’ve become so popular these days.

This is a cloud-hosted link tracking tool that covers all the basic and advanced needs for affiliates, media buyers, advertising companies, as well as digital agencies.

Features of RedTrack

Direct tracking – Track ads in all those ads networks that prevent redirect, including Facebook, Google, Bing etc.

Unlimited Redirects – Tracks unlimited links to increase conversions through a particular traffic distribution.

Parallel tracking – Drive traffic to your desired page and load page quickly while so many things happening in the background.

Impression tracking – Track the behaviour of your potential customers and analyze the effectiveness of your ads

A/B testing – Analyse a winning campaign and ROI by conducting A/B test.


  • Redtrack offers super fast and professional support to of their customer.
  • The dashboard is user-friendly.
  • Setting up a campaign is fairly easy.
  • Pricing is very reasonable.
  • Redtrack has direct integration with Facebook, Google Ads, bing and more.


  • Reporting overview is a bit slow.
  • Bloated with features. But lacks features that can speed up workflow.


  • $41 per month for Basic Plan.
  • $83 per month for Pro Plan.
  • $156 per month for Team Plan.
  • $333 per month for Agency Plan.

8. Linktrackr

Linktrackr is a web-based link tracker. To use this service you are not required to install any software neither need to know code. This tool is quite conscious about the security of your data. You can download your link data any time you want.

Features of LinkTrackr

Custom Domain – Cloak your affiliate links with your own domain. And make your affiliate promotion more trustworthy to your traffic base.

Advanced PPC tracking – Check how much an ad is costing and how you are getting results and which ad needs improvement.

Conversion tracking – It will show you which conversion is coming from which campaign and sales funnel.

Link Rotator – Create a smart link rotator and drive traffic to a different landing page and sales funnel.

Sub ID tracker – Track your sales commission as an affiliate through multiple affiliate networks.


  • Server-less and cookie less tracing system.
  • Enhaced A/B testing.
  • Reasonable pricing with 30 money-back guarantee.
  • Smart URL rotator.


  • Features are limited.
  • Customer support needs more attention.


  • $17 per month for Basic Plan.
  • $27 per month for Pro Plan.
  • $47 per month for Hyper Plan.
  • $77 per month for Extreme Plan.

9. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a complete solution for branded link management. This is one of the best link tracking tools at the time. It comes packed with a lot of powerful features that can help you transform your business to the next level.

Whether you need a link tracker tool for individual or commercial use, you’ll find this link tracking tool very beneficial to your need.

Features of Rebrandly

Multiple Domain – Connect multiple domain names with your affiliate links and increase conversion rate, since your domain reflects your brand.

UTM builder – Get a branded link metric in Google Analytics by adding UTM parameters to your destination URL.

Mobile deep linking – It allows you to direct visitors to a specific location in a mobile app.

Link tagging – Add tag on every URL to manage your links from the dashboard with ease.

Link with emoji – Add emojis to your affiliate link and express emotions to visitors.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Powerful dashboard.
  • Direct share on social media.
  • Redirecting links using Rebrandly is very easy.
  • Create easy and meaningful short URL in seconds.


  • There is a limit if you want to create a long URL. Other than that, no problem at all.


  • $0 per month for free plan.
  • $29 per month for starter plan.
  • $69 per month for Pro plan.
  • $499 per month for Premium plan.
  • Custom price for Enterprise plan.

10. Clickgum

Clickgum is yet another easy to use link tracker tool that can be a perfect fit for affiliate, published, advertiser as well as for developer. If you have been looking for a simple tool to drive traffic to affiliate product, business or to your website, Clickgum can be a good choice for you.

Features of Clickgum

Advanced Reports – They’ve got an extensive reporting system which shows you how much you’ve spent to get this visitor.

Fraud Detection – Automatically detects fraud visitors and also detect BOT clicks. Allows you to block.

Commission Source tracker – Shows an accurate report on where you are getting commission from across all affiliate networks and sales funnels.

A/B Split test – Identify a winning campaign by doing a split A/B test.

Easy tracker – Monitor your traffic source, track every single click, lead and sales. Put your effort where it needed.


  • User-Friendly and informative dashboard.
  • Creating a custom link is easy.
  • Very reasonable pricing plan.
  • Ideal link tracker and shortner solution for starter.


  • Most of the user doesn’t like the graphs.
  • Customer support needs more attention.


  • $0 per month for Free plan.
  • $9 per month for Manager plan.
  • $29 per month for executive plan.
  • $49 per month for Enterprise plan.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I track a link?

Although there are many ways to track a link. However, the most effective way to track a link by using a link tracker tool. Just like any of the tools above.

  • How can I track how many times a link is clicked?

To collect traffic data, fist you’ll have to create a trackable link by using a link tracker tool. After that whenever someone clicks on that link you’ll be able to monitor from your link tracker dashboard.

  • How does link tracking work?

Whenever you create a unique link using a link tracker tool, the tool sets a few pixels on that link? And then using that pixel, the link tracker tool tracks your link.

  • How do you make a trackable link?

Create a free or paid membership on a link tracker tool depending on your need. Then login to that tracker tool and click to “create a link” then paste your link that you want to track. The link tracker tool will give you a unique short link. That short link is your trackable link.

  • Can Google Analytics track link click?

Yes. Google Analytics can track link clicks.


We have selected these 10 best link tracker tools after months of research from our side and using our years of experience. Since everyone’s needs are different, so different people may like different tools. But you can always visit the tool’s official website for more details and choose the tool that best suits your needs.