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Do you face difficulty in managing and storing your digital resources?

It is often a matter of concern for various companies as they have a huge amount of digital data but are unable to keep it stored and sorted. Marketing managers face a lot of challenges when it comes to sorting out their digital assets.

They go through the plethora of assets to find one lost image or video and often land with nothing. Searching from the folders is tiring and frustrates the manager or team member.

Suppose you are one of them—time to check out your friendly software Picvario.

It is amazing Digital Asset Management (DAM) software for individuals, small businesses, and corporate use. User is given the facility to save, use and share their digital data on this single platform.

We understand if you have concerned about your purchase. Do not sweat on it. We are here with the review of the PicvarioAppsumo Lifetime deal. 

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What Is Picvario?

Picvario is the software solution for corporates and individuals to manage their digital media, such as pictures, videos, and any media. It supports Google Drive, FTP, and facial recognition too.

Additionally, easy access to all the media assets will make collaboration better mong teams.

More benefits of Picvario: 

  • With efficient storage, you get to save a lot of time.
  • All resources at one platform boost collaboration.
  • Locate your files through tags and metadata.
  • Manage access rights by maintaining high security.

Who can use Picvario?

It’s YOU!

Yes, it can be used by anyone working for a brand and has many digital media documents and files.

The bonus part is if you’re a small business owner or marketing manager, you have a system to organize your digital assets in one place. Forget about the repetition.

Save, upload, organize and access anytime just from a single platform.

  • Managing Directors and PR

Having all your media stored in one place makes it easier to track the brand’s progress and growth. The instant search option saves a lot of time from mindless scrolling and still not finding anything relevant.

Your main concern about the digital brand can be repetition while working as a manager. When you have all the media in one place, you can have a filter and avoid repeating the same content. Eventually, you will always be on the top with your unique ideas.

  • IT companies

Simply digitize your company archives to save the infrastructure cost. As an IT company, you understand that external storage can be quite expensive.

Picvario is your cloud making data backup easy. Interestingly, you can also integrate the corporate accounts with the help of Microsoft Active Directory and Google G Suite.

  • General Use

You don’t have to provide access to this particular media storage to everyone on your team. Set the accessibility as per your needs.

Moreover, you will never be lost looking for months back images or videos. Just enter the right keywords, and you can locate the desired media.

Picvario Features

Picvario consists of some of the great features to ease the use of the product for you:

  • Secure storage and connected storage:

The system is deployable as a cloud version or on SaaS or on-premise if a customer prefers it. If you have more needs for the storage, connect it to Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, or S3 storage.

  • Diverse searching options:

Want to find the forgotten media? Locate it by adding the keywords. It supports boolean search, wild card search, and various advance searches.

Keep your media fresh for as long as possible, with diverse search options. Find your favorite images through the color or mention the object in the picture. It will appear right on your screen.

  • Share & download:

Distribute the assets as you need them. If you only want a third-party person to view the media, limit the access to personalized links. Set the limits to accessibility even within the team as well. It will also ease the external and internal downloads of the data safely.

  • AI enhancers:

Hand over your team the convenience of automating the tags, emotions, face recognition, and a lot more. If the team seeks a different functionality, AI features are available at your request.

  • Multilingual:

Working with international clients? Provide them with translated metadata, tags, alt text, title, and description. The platform offers the support of multiple languages.

As you start expanding your brand globally, you can speak your client’s language. Hence, the work becomes more useful when it is in the language of the product owner.

  • API integration:

Need more functions? Integrate the APIs with no additional cost, and you can have them at any stage of the asset lifecycle.

A simple authorization is possible through the Active Directory or Google G Suite. Add as many functions as you need.

  • Workspace customization:

As you want your brand to look unique, you can easily customize your workspace by categorizing and labeling the media.

Personalize the platform for your use by changing the logo and colors according to your brand identity.

Picvario Official Price vs. Appsumo Lifetime Deal Compare: 

Picvario gives you unlimited ways to store and manage your media assets. If you buy it without Appsumo Lifetime Deal, you will have 4 pricing options.

  • Individual User: $29.99 Per month
  • Small Team: $99.99 Per month
  • Medium Team: $399.99 Per month
  • Enterprise: On request

As for the ones buying through the AppSumo lifetime deal, you will get amazing discounts with the top features. Features included in it are:

  • Picvario/Google Workspace login
  • Active directory
  • Multiple Google Drive, S3, or FTP storage
  • Face recognition
  • Taxonomy
  • Individual branding

Your options for pricing plans with AppSumo are:

  • License Tier 1: One-time purchase will be $69.
  • License Tier 2: One-time purchase will cost you $139.
  • License Tier 3: One-time purchase will cost you $299.

Difference between the pricing:

It is quite clear that the plans offered by AppSumo are amazingly discounted and cater to the needs more efficiently. AppSumo aims to allow users to be more convenient with their licensing or subscription plans.

All the pricing plans are designed to fulfill the needs of small businesses and enterprises. Just choose the license as per your needs, and you are good to go with your subscription.

Deal Expire

How To Get an Extra $10 Discount For New Users?

Just sign up now through AppSumo, and you can enjoy the extra 10% discount. 

Yes, isn’t it great? The deal is only to sign up using AppSumo, and the 10% extra discount is all yours. Use it and personalize your brand as you like it.


Picvario is a reliable and secure system for data storage. You have various pricing and storage options to choose from.

Moreover, as you think of expanding your company, you can always buy new storage plans: safe, advanced search, automated titles and data, and a lot more.

Besides, when you purchase it with AppSumo, it gives you more margin on the great pricing and licensing plans.

Staring with $69 only.

So, what is the delay? 

Today is the chance to start sorting your digital assets with Picvario. Get it now and begin the process or personalized brand now!