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Did you land on this page because you wanted to know whether The PLR Store is a great source for quality PLR products? Stay glued!

In this in-depth review, I’m going to dive deep into the website and talk about the following:

  • What is The PLR Store?
  • The topics covered in The PLR Store
  • The types of products offered.
  • The types of licensing rights available
  • Free PLR products offered
  • Pricing
  • The PLR Store alternatives 

This is to help you decide if The PLR Store is the best website for downloading amazing digital products.

Let’s dive in.

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What Is The PLR Store?

As the name suggests, theplrstore is a massive online store with a huge collection of thousands of PLR articles and PLR materials.


Most of the products come with Private Label Rights giving you the freedom to edit the way you want, rebrand, resell, package with other products, or use them as you wish.

Must mention that other licensing rights dictate how you should use the products so you must find out before downloading any product from the website.

The PLR Store Product Categories

What types of products are offered on the website?

The website offers a huge collection of different products with Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights. More about the licensing rights later.

Currently, the website offers the following products:

  • Amazon Turnkey Stores: The website offers ready-to-use Amazon PLR Turnkey Stores you can use to create an affiliate website and sell Amazon products. You can modify or configure the Amazon PLR Turnkey Stores in any way you want.
  • Articles: There are also thousands of PLR articles you can give away as bonuses or for email list building or creating autoresponder email messages.
  • Autoresponder Messages & Pre-written email marketing series: You also get tons of ready-to-use PLR autoresponder messages so you don’t have to write email marketing series from scratch.
  • eBooks: You also get digital PLR eBooks and PLR books you can edit, add your name, or do anything you want with them. Some eBooks come with resale rights and others with giveaway rights so be sure to find out the licensing rights of the eBook you’re purchasing.
  • Audio: The website also offers PLR audio in the form of MP3 tracks with private label rights thus you can claim ownership, add your name on the audio tracks, etc.
  • Giveaway Reports: The available PLR reports come with Giveaway Rights and cover different topics so you can give them to your audience in exchange for their email addresses to create and grow your email list.
  • Graphics: The website also lists graphics and images with private label rights that a freely editable and you can claim ownership. 
  • Software: The available software products come with private label rights so you can do anything you want with them.
  • Templates: PLR templates are also included in the product categories as well. They include sales pages, squeeze pages, etc.
  • Turnkey Digital Stores: There are also Turnkey Digital Stores with private label rights that you can modify and do whatever you wish with them. 
  • Videos: Last but not least, the website offers PLR video products in MP4 format.

As someone who has tried a couple of products from almost every category, I don’t recommend using any of these products for any serious purpose. Their quality is low and most of them have errors. For instance, most of the software products are outdated.

Types of Niche Available

The products listed on the website cover various niches such as:

  • Blogging
  • Dating
  • Exercise
  • Email marketing
  • Meditation
  • Relationships
  • Diet
  • Success 
  • Gardening
  • Motivation
  • Cooking
  • Dogs
  • Beauty
  • Weight Loss
  • And many more.

What types of PLR Licenses does The PLR Store offer?

The PLR Store lists products with various licensing rights such as:

  • Master Resell Rights (MRR): Products with MRR give you the freedom to resell, without making any changes to the content.
  • Private Label Rights: You can do everything you want on products with this licensing rights. You can edit, modify, add your name, claim ownership, package them with other products, give them away for free, etc.

Aside from PLR and MRR licenses, some products also come with Giveaway rights. You can give these to your audience for free or use them with PLR products.

Is The PLR Store Offer Any Free Products?

The PLR Store has a free stuff page where you can get a free PLR newsletter, and a couple of PLR reports including the Traffic Generation Reports, Misc, and Sales Reports.

The PLR Store Pricing

Theplrstore offers different products at different prices starting from as little as $1.99. Unlike other websites where you need to register an account to access the products, this website allows you to purchase products right away using a simple check-out process.

Is The PLR Store Right For You?

The PLR Store has a big selection of PLR and MRR products in different categories so you will undoubtedly find a ton of products here.

The products are also listed with in-depth descriptions and if you don’t find a product you’re looking for, you can always request it.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of issues that make the website unusable or unsuitable.

For instance, most of the products I purchased were of poor quality. I also noticed that their customer support is also poor quality. I tried their Digital and Amazon Turnkey Stores and encountered major technical issues.

Another thing worth mentioning is that their prices are also high since you can get websites offering quality products at lower prices than them.

Aside from that, I also found most of the products listed on this website on other websites so you can’t expect to find original content.

The PLR Store Alternatives

In my honest opinion, if you’re looking for high-quality PLR materials, then The PLR Store isn’t a great source for you. Instead, I recommend you check out these alternative websites:

1. is currently the king in the PLR industry. The website doubles as a product store and all-in-one solution for quality PLR products in different categories and niches.

Founded in 2008, the website has more than 16,382 done-for-you PLR coaching resources and other info products you can purchase, tweak, brand, sell as your own or create other content out of the products such as courses, emails, webinars, and many more. 

The products are available for $0.40 per download. And if you use this special link, you get 10 Free credits you can use to download 10 quality products in different categories.

What’s more, all the products are created by the PLR team of native English experts. Everything you download here is created from scratch. offers quality articles, eBooks, videos, software, courses, and many other products and the website offers a great user experience.

The best thing about is that it allows you to purchase products individually.

Visit Plr.Me

2. BigProductStore

Big Product Store is also another great source of digital products that was founded in 2012. Unlike, this is a membership site so you need to register your membership account to access unlimited products. 


The website offers a monthly membership of $19.90 per month and a lifetime membership of $98.50 that allows you to use the website’s products for as long as you need them.

Currently, the website lists over 10,000 products with various licensing rights. Most of the products come with private label rights so you can download, edit, modify, rebrand, package with other products, or use them for other purposes.

Included in the membership are article packs, software products, eBooks, videos, audio files, templates, and many other info products.

It’s worth noting that the website focuses more on providing eBooks than other products.

The quality of the products is average. Not as good as 

Having used BigProductStore for a while now, I have also found plenty of the products listed on this website on other sites. That means that not all of their products are original.

Visit BigProductStore

3. PLR Products is promoted as a massive store for PLR products. Even though the website offers products of good quality than those of The PLR Store, is still a great source. 

plrproducts-best plr sites

There are thousands of products on this website including templates, eBooks, videos, articles, and many others with various licensing rights.

Some products allow you to edit, modify, rebrand, and resell or use them in any way suitable for you but others have restrictive licensing rights, so you need to find out more before downloading any product on this website.

Currently, the website covers the most popular niches such as travel, business, personal finance, self-improvement, cooking, and more.

Similar to, this website has an advanced Search box as well as a Categories search box making it easy for you to find what you want.

You can also download products individually so you don’t need to join any membership. The content is also created by a team of in-house professionals although I noticed numerous errors with their products.

Products are available at different prices starting at $2.99.

Visit PLRProducts

Final Words

The PLR Store offers plenty of products with Private Label Rights and other licensing rights in different categories covering multiple niches. Nevertheless, most of the products aren’t unique. 

I purchased a couple of their products and on checking them for plagiarism, I noticed many of them listed on other websites.

That means that the chances of getting good quality products on this website are very low compared to other websites like

To download high-quality products you can use for serious business purposes, I recommend

The website offers digital products with unmatched quality and you can purchase them individually. If you plan to use PLR products for a long time, you can try BigProductStore’s lifetime deal. 

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