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Are you planning to start creating and selling online courses or coaching programs but you don’t have the time and budget to start from scratch? 

If so, Content Sparks can help you with white-label re-brandable, ready-to-sell, and teach courses created by learning experts.

Read this in-depth review to understand everything about Content Sparks.

The increased popularity of the online course creation world provides opportunities for course creators of all skills to make money while sharing their knowledge with others.

According to Statista, the online course creation industry revenue is valued at $166.60 billion and is projected to reach $239.26 billion by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 9.48%.

However, creating quality content for your online course can be a major challenge if you lack sufficient knowledge in a field. Furthermore, the course creation process requires a lot of research effort and time.

What if we told you that there is a platform that offers ready-to-sell courses that you just need to purchase, customize to your own style and sell?

Introducing Content Sparks.

What Is Content Sparks?

Content Spark Review

Content Sparks is a reputable quality PLR source for downloading business PLR courses and content that you can use to create and sell high-quality courses and coaching programs.

The PLR website was founded in 2010 to provide quality content for business coaches, consultants, educators, and other professionals like you who are looking to grow their online businesses.

The good thing about this platform is that all the content including the courses is created by learning experts. Plus, the courses are ready-to-sell and teach. 

Furthermore, you can freely edit the content, rebrand the courses as your own, resell, and keep 100% of the profits.

Currently, Content Sparks offers close to 500 PLR courses and content in various business sub-niches.

The courses are also created with modules and easy-to-follow lessons.

Finding your desired course in the platform is also easy as you can filter the courses by a specific category as shown in the image below:

The content comes in Doc and PowerPoint presentations so you can easily edit, and add your brand style and voice to the courses.

Who Can Use Content Sparks Course?

Content Sparks courses can be used by consultants, educators, online business owners, business coaches, and other business professionals who don’t have the time to research and create their courses from scratch.

The Content Sparks team follows strict guidelines to create courses and content that’s:

  • Actionable: They ensure anyone using Content Sparks courses achieves their goals
  • Adaptable: Courses come in different formats including videos, audio, presentation, and more to cater to people of different learning styles
  • Modular: The courses come in well-outlined modules and lessons so you can choose the module or lesson that best suits your learning goals
  • Evergreen: The course content is updated regularly to keep it relevant to the current market needs

What Types of License Content Sparks Offers?

Content Sparks courses come with PLR licensing rights. That means you can use the course almost anywhere and edit them as you wish.

Note that there are certain rules you must follow when using Content Sparks courses and content.

Specifically, here is what you can do with the courses on this platform:

  • You can use the courses to educate your audience or customers
  • Create blog posts, articles, infographics, and other valuable content out of the courses
  • Use the content as lead magnets or giveaways for building your email lists

Here are the things you can’t do with Content Sparks’ content

  • You can’t sell or give away PLR, resell or master resell rights to the courses.
  • You cannot sell or give away the editable files to anyone
  • You cannot post the content to PLR, white label, Master Resell Rights, and other membership stores.
  • You cannot add content to free internet marketing membership stores, social media groups/pages, forums, etc.
  • You cannot add content to online directories without thoroughly rewriting them
  • You cannot share the courses or content with other business professionals, consultants, coaches, and others since the license is available for one person.

If you intend to publish blog posts and articles on your website, it’s important to rewrite the titles and optimize them for Google rankings by adding your keywords naturally.

What Types of Niche Content Sparks Cover?

Specifically, Content Sparks offers PLR courses and content in the following niche:

  • Business and management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Professional development
  • Self-improvement

What Types of Courses Are Available On Content Sparks?

As mentioned above, Content Sparks offers different types of courses in different niches that are categorized into the following:

  • Flash content: These are individual ready-to-use materials including email newsletters, articles, blog posts, lead magnets, etc.
  • Blaze content: These are comprehensive white-label courses that cover the topics in-depth
  • Beacon content: These courses aren’t as in-depth as those in the Blaze content category and are useful for creating webinars, masterclasses, and other smaller uses.

Another thing is that each course comes with student, instructor, and lead generation resources including:

  • Sales pages
  • Cheatsheets
  • Course books
  • Spreadsheets & worksheets
  • Action guides
  • Assessment and planners
  • Social media and blog posts
  • Editable graphics
  • Slideshows and many more

What Can You Do With Courses From Content Sparks?

As mentioned above, the courses offered on the Content Sparks platform give you full rights to edit the content and resell them anywhere without giving away the resell rights.

That means that with Content Sparks courses, the sales process occurs only once. Once you sell the courses, the buyer can’t sell them to someone else again.

Another thing is that you can take out content from the courses and use it as bonuses, lead magnets, etc.

Since the courses come in editable content, you can easily edit and convert them into other forms of media or materials.

Benefits of Using Content Sparks

As seen in the statistics above, the online course creation industry has great opportunities for you if you want to share your knowledge and make money online.

The only challenge is that creating a complete course requires a lot of time and effort. 

Here is how Content Sparks can help you.

No Need to Create Everything From Scratch

Content Sparks offers ready-to-use and sell courses so you don’t have to struggle with researching, and creating outlines and lessons to make a complete course.

Besides, you can either buy a complete white-label course or separate coaching materials that you can compile into a complete course.

You Gain Recognition

Apart from being high-quality, the courses offered on Content Sparks allow you to customize them to suit your brand style and voice. You can add your brand’s name, logo, and other brand identity elements.

This helps you gain brand recognition.

You Can Generate Passive Income

Selling online courses and other digital products like eBooks and others is a great way to make passive income online.

Content Sparks enables you to purchase the courses, modify them and sell them online.

This way, you can make recurring revenue without having to create everything from scratch. Plus, you can create other digital products out of the courses and sell them online as well.

Do We Recommend Content Sparks?

Having used Content Sparks for a while, we can confidently recommend the website as a go-to resource for everyone looking to make money online by sharing their knowledge with other people.

The website allows you to instantly purchase courses that would take you weeks or months to create so you can start selling right away.

The good thing is that all the courses are created by experts.

In fact, if you have the skills and knowledge but you don’t know how to create an online course, Content Sparks can be a great resource for you.

Content Sparks Pricing

Content Sparks offers courses in three different categories and prices as shown below:

  • Flash content: Price ranges from $19 to $47 per course
  • Blaze: Courses in this category cost around $297 each
  • Beacon content: Price ranges from $47 to $147 per course

The courses come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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Creating a complete online course can be a time-consuming and exhausting task because you have to research, plan, and create the course.

Apart from that, you also need a lot of knowledge or expertise in the subject for you to create a killer course.

Luckily, Content Sparks offers you brandable course content that you can modify, brand, and sell as your own.

Note: If you’re only interested in high-quality content that you can compile and create courses by yourself then we recommend checking out