Are you an internet marketer, coach, affiliate marketer, blogger, or mental health practitioner?

Are you feeling short of blog posts, autoresponder series? Or you urgently need an eBook, video, or a digital course to be given to your clients to continue reading.

The beauty of the PLR is that you can resell the content with a personal use license.

Mental health is an ever-growing space where there is a need for the customers to look for the content and courses.

With the PLR content, you can deliver handouts, exercises, worksheets.

PLR (Private label rights) content can be sold with a non-exclusive license to the buyer that can edit and publish as your own. You keep the right to sell the license to other people.

Who can use this mental health PLR

Coaches, trainers, and mental health professionals use mental health PLR. If you constantly need content for mental health, this article is for you. Expert designers craft mental health PLR.

If you are a health & wellness professional, personal development coach, speaker, business owner, or blogger, our done-for-you content is ready for you to use and rebrand as your own

To help you save your time of unnecessary research and comparison, we write this article after much research to help you in your immediate action step.

Three prominent websites, particularly in the mental health space, have been reconciled with details of various products available.

Furthermore, unique products from each website have been included in the article to help you make an informed decision.

This website provides mental health PLR bundle, articles, writing promotes, and even a planner for nurturing.

If your client is struggling with emotional health or coaching people to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, stress, and burnout, checks this website. You will get a lot of articles, writing prompts, and even a planner.

Let us dive in further. Following are the best Mental Health PLR Websites:

  • PLR.ME

Top 16 Mental Health Plr

1. Nurturing Your Mental Health PLR Bundle

In this mental health PLR package, you will get ten articles on mental health topics. In addition, there is a unique report about the topic “How to nurture your mental health?”

You will also get eBook covers that include editable Canva templates.

If you want to give your clients, Journaling promotes habits and routines, consider this one. There is a unique journal planner for “self-care for mental health.”

What do you get in brand new articles?

  1. Articles about habits, routines, mindset shifts for mental health anxiety.
  2. An opt-in report, “How to nurture your mental health?” an opt-in you can use for the content upgrade instead of blog posts.
  3. The report “how to nurture your mental health?” is 11 pages, 4631 words report that details – habits, routines, inadequate mental health habits to avoid, why you need a routine, how changing your mindset changes everything.
  4. The report talks about misconception, journaling ideas, and a creative method to deal with anxiety for someone facing anxiety. It also talks about how to deal with burnout. It can help someone understand the warning signs of burnout and how to deal with burnout. The report also gives the idea of the support system to be worked on during good and bad days.

2. Mental Health Journal Prompts

The Bundle has 25 writing prompts to work on mental health, anxiety, and self-care. The prompts are available in words and word and text format.

The theme outline is “self-care for mental health.” In addition, you will get five planned pages to help with self-care daily routine to deal with anxiety and stress.

The beauty of this Bundle is its customizable layout, colors, images, and fonts, as an editable Canva file is provided immediately after buying the package.

The only condition for this PLR package is not to give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.

3. Health and Lifestyle Reset PLR

As a coach, if you are concerned about the health and life of your client and want to give him/ her some fantastic articles, here is the health and lifestyle Reset PLR Bundle for you and your client.

This Bundle will help you / your clients take a fresh look at life by shifting priorities and inculcating minor changes in habits and routines.

It will also help you create new goals for a healthy lifestyle after evaluating the present life and then pressing the change button for not working.

This Bundle helps with the tips and advice after reset in every area of your life, including physical, mental, financial, family, career, and even to the subtle level of habits and routines.

This PLR pack will provide you 25 articles and 20 images. You can use the articles and pictures for reports, lead magnets, blog posts, and even emails. As there is a variety of topics, you have many options to use the content.

For example, you can use these articles for your blog posts, or you can create a report, or even you can create an email series for your clients. The email series will focus on staying healthy during home isolation.

4. Mental Health Journal Prompts PLR | Free Mental Health Plr

If you are looking for Journal prompts, this PLR package is for you. You will get 50 FREE journal Prompts for stress, anxiety, and depression.

Get 50 FREE Journal Prompts All About Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Journaling prompts are the perfect way to start Journaling or continue on your self-reflection journey.

If your audience is struggling with knowing what to write or honing in on specific topics, especially during this challenging time with quarantine and spending more time at home, these prompts are perfect.

50 ‘Mental Health’ Journal Prompts is about mental health, including questions ranging from daily routines to anxiety.

The journal prompt can help your client through questions on a specific topic. There are statements or questions that your client is required to write about. Even though your client may be consciously journaling but still gain more profound clarity, this can help.

As these prompts are particularly for mental health, this will help the client during stress, overcoming anxiety, overcoming depressions, or even the mental health struggles during holidays.

You / your client can use these Journaling prompts for Journal. You can also turn them into workbooks and pages in a printable journal. You can also use them for blog posts or emails.

5. Stress, Burnout, and Overwhelm PLR Bundle

If you want to dominate the market and be the authority in the niche, look no further. This is a brand new PLR package for your clients and readers to tackle daily stress, avoid burnout and deal with other issues.

Overworking can lead to stress, and this PLR package provides tips to overcome burnout. The package offers simple tips, habits, and lifestyle changes to reduce burnout and stress.

In this package, you will get 700+ words of high-quality articles which can be made into the ebook, and there are social media graphics too to promote your content.

Your subscribers, readers, mentees, or clients will love how you will teach how to distress.

This package is very different, focusing on the one core thing, i.e., BURNOUT. Great content is available about general stress and the not readily available content too.

Thus, the Bundle is somewhat exclusive to the market, where you will get instant access to content and graphics. You will also get editable graphics, articles.

Use the articles to convert them into an ebook, share your blog posts or give them free as lead magnets.

In this unique package, you will get 25 PLR articles about stress and burnout.

Each article is 700+ words, and the ebook from articles is approx—60 pages, i.e., 19500+ words and thoroughly formatted. You will also get editable recovery files and 25 social media graphics.

6. Exercise for Mental Health

Have you ever heard of exercise for mental health? Or if you have been searching all over the internet, look no further.

Here is the PLR bundle other than physical fitness, i.e., mental fitness.

Doing exercise not only helps the body but also helps overall health and wellness.

If your subscriber, readers, or clients struggle with anxiety and depression, check this PLR package.

You will find the daily routine about exercise for self-care, which can help maintain mental health.

This Bundle includes a 6 Page report on the topic “Exercise for mental health.”

In addition, you will get an ecover editable file along with ten articles and 7-day autoresponder series. You can use the autoresponder series to email your clients.

The 6-page report has 1800+ words the talks about the benefit of exercise for mental health.

You will also get ten articles about exercising for mental health that covers the right exercises, common mistakes to avoid, and the right music for mental health.

Finally, in the seven-day autoresponder series, you will get the exercise routine for anxiety and depression.

You will also get a free bonus with ten royalty-free images for commercial use rights.

7. Premium PLR-Stress and Mindfulness Product Reviews

This is a premium PLR Bundle that was initially sold on JVZOO as one time offer. This is a unique bundle that provides the review of PLR products in the stress and mindfulness domain.

Product reviews is a great way to promote products. The products include coloring books, essential oils, and stress toys. You will get 15 high-quality product reviews.

8. Brand New PLR Pack About Living with Anxiety

According to the research, 40 million people are suffering from the USA are suffering from anxiety. So, if you want your readers or clients to read about ways to cope with anxiety, then check this PLR bundle.

This Bundle deals with coping with anxiety daily and provides relevant solutions with simple tips to control your life.

The high-quality articles about anxiety help your readers on a day-to-day basis. If you want to write blog posts or create an email list, then use them at autoresponder series. You will also get 10 Royalty-free images as a bonus that can be used on blog posts or social media graphics.

9. Journaling and Mental Health PLR Bundle

This premium PLR bundle is, particularly for Journaling. It covers all aspects of mental health that includes stress, anxiety, and depression.

You will get premium content that includes articles, graphics, reports, autoresponders, and even product reviews at a meager price.

You will also get 20 high-quality prewritten articles to promote Journal and Journaling. You will also get a brief report called “journaling for depression,” which includes the other sections about how Journaling can help depressive symptoms.

The lengthy report is ten pages with an in-depth journal to help with anxiety. This is mainly for journaling lovers.

If you are your readers, want to improve mental health with Journaling, look no further. You will also get 5 product reviews that can be used as blog posts or emails to promote Journaling and mental health.

You will get Malden writing journal book, Panda planner daily calendar and gratitude journal, stress-proof brain book, anxiety and phobia workbook, depression cure product reviews.

10. PLR.ME Mental Health Panic Attack Checklist

A panic attack is the onset of abrupt fear that reaches its peak within few minutes. If you are a trained professional, you can diagnose panic attacks or panic disorders.

If your client struggles to handle the emotions due to past experiences, then read further.

Often, your clients have self-worth issues that keep a negative thinking loop that doesn’t allow them to move forward. This resource can help to move forwards towards wellness. It will help your client and serve as a motivational tool.

As a coach, you can use the checklist to give your clients after coaching sessions and even build your social media following.

With this Bundle, you can help your client come out of the past and create emotional strength. In addition, with this content, they will see you as an industry expert, and people will look for your guidance.

As a team of experts creates the content, this includes excellent coaching tools.

The PLR content will give you a unique competitive advantage that very few emotional wellness practitioners have. Try it today.

You will also get 12 software tools PLUS! FREE access to our exclusive content marketing tool.

You can use the package on the pay-as-you-go model as you get the content with no commitments. There is a one-time fee and no subscription.

11. Mood Lifting Strategies PLR Package

The name sounds mood-lifting PLR package provides various techniques, routines, therapies, and strategies to help your clients uplift the mood.

In this PLR package, you will get 8200+ words eBook with 46 pages for your eBook lover clients. The design with social media posters is royalty-free images and commercial use images.

The graphics on ebook covers are eye-catching to suit your requirements.

There are ten high-quality articles in text and word format that are well researched, written, and edited. In addition, articles are lengthy so that your readers can benefit.

Someone professionally created them. Eye-catching Ecover in four different styles to suit your requirements.

They provide you with both JPG and PNG high-quality formats. Plus, you get the PSD file to edit and brand as your own.

The social posters in the articles have images that are 100 percent royalty-free with editable PSD files.

You will also get done with your social media posts to save time.

You will get the following articles, each with 700 words:

  1. Therapy Blankets to Help Lift Your Mood
  2. Morning Routines Can Help Lift Your Mood
  3. Breathing Exercises to Improve Your Mood
  4. Sunshine and Outdoor Activities Are Important for Lifting Your Mood
  5. Mood Lifting Supplements Can Help Manage the Moody Blues
  6. Aromatherapy and Essential Oils – Fragrant Mood Lifting Therapy
  7. Light Therapy Lamps Can Help Improve and Lift Your Mood
  8. Lift Your Mood with a Lovable Pet
  9. Lift Your Mood with Natural Solutions
  10. Disconnect From The World to Improve Your Mood

The mood-lifting PLR ebook you will get in the Bundle is 8200+ words long and 46 pages fully formatted in PDF, doc format.

The ebook is with social media poster with royalty-free images. The high-quality ebook graphics will suit your personal needs.

You will also receive social media posters to boost traffic to your site and social media.

12. Stress Less for Better Health & Wellness PLR Pack

This PLR package focuses on stress-less life. In this pack, you will get ten high-quality articles in text and word files.

For your ebook lover clients, ebooks have been created in this pack. You will also get social media posters with royalty-free images for commercial usage.

The cover is in different layouts with the 3D stack. Ten social media posts are with beautiful photographs, and people would love to share your posters.

Infographics will help you to be an authority in the niche. You will also get 10social media snippets as a bonus.

Following are the articles you will get focusing on stress less

  • Chronic Stress is Not Just Emotional; It Affects All Aspects of Health – 600+ words
  • Effects of Stress on Cognition and Mental Health and Ways to Manage It – 700+ words
  • The Difference Between Stress and Anxiety – 900+ words
  • Stress Affects Memory and Learning – 650+ words
  • Concentration Problems? It Could be Stress – 580+ words
  • Is Stress Causing Your Sugar Cravings and Weight Gain? – 680+ words
  • The Relationship Between Stress and Eating Habits – 590+ words
  • Natural Stress Reducers – 770+ words
  • Practicing Mindfulness to Reduce stress – 800+ words
  • Get Organized and Minimize stress – 750+ words

The ebook that you will get in the pack is 41 pages long, having 7700+ words.

The format is hyperlinked pages with an introduction and conclusion. In addition, the PDF is ready with social media posters created from royalty-free images.

The eCover graphics are of high quality and professionally designed that suits your needs. In addition, you will receive ten social media posters to bring traffic to your site and social media handles.

You will also get the infographics with 1000px and 6900 px. Use these infographics on social media or blog posts to gain authority.

Now, as content is ready and available, focus on your business areas and save your time.

14. Emotional Health & Wellness PLR Package

If you want to improve the quality of life of your customers, go ahead and check this PLR Package. The one bundle covers

The package will provide a report on emotional health that 22 pages and 4000+ words. You will also get social media posters and ecover graphics in different layouts. He 5hight quality articles are in text and words.

The social media posters and infographics with bonuses make it an appealing package.

Following are the articles you will get focusing on emotional health and wellness PLR

  • How Do You Know If You Are Emotionally Healthy – 800+ words
  • Does Your Emotional Health Affect Your Physical Health – 680+ words
  • Causes and Signs of Emotional Exhaustion – 620+ words
  • Emotional Energy Drain and What You Can Do – 670+ words
  • Tips to Improve Emotional Health – 690+ words

You will get 20 social media posters to boost articles and get reposts on social media as a bonus.

15. Boost Your Mood PLR Package

If you are on the lookout for content to boost the mood of your clients, look no further. You will get a report on “boost your mood,” i.e., 3900+ words and 22 pages long. The social media posters are with royalty-free images, and the covers are with graphics with different layouts.

The five social media posters are with beautiful typography.

Use the content to build your email list, help your customers, bring traffic to your website, and share quality content.

The package will include the following articles:

  • Boost Your Mood with Mindfulness – 700+ words
  • Boost Your Moods with ‘Mood Boosting Foods’ – 700+ words
  • Essential Oils Can Help Boost Your Mood- 700+words
  • Music Can Help Boost Your Mood – 570+ words
  • Tips to Boost Your Mood Naturally – 760+ words

You will also get an Infographic This infographic measuring 1,000px x 3,150px, which details about providing seven healthy mood-boosting tips.

16. Relieve Stress PLR – Finding Calm & Serenity PLR Package

If you are a coach helping your clients reduce stress and find inner peace, this PLR package is for you. The package provides a unique “finding calm and serenity” PLR report, eCover graphics, articles, social media posters, and snippets.

The report is 21 pages long with 4500+ words that are formatted and hyperlinked. The ebook cover is professionally created and eye-catching. You can use the report to build your email list by using it on the opt-in page.

The social media posters and snippets are easily shareable on Facebook and Twitter. The royalty-free images help you to use them in your way.

5 Relieving Stress PLR Articles include:

  • Stress – Signs, Symptoms and Coping – 730+ words
  • Serenity – Staying Calm During Stressful Times – 790+ words
  • How Humor and Laughter Can Help Reduce Stress – 840+ words
  • Play Board Games to Help Deal with Stress – 710+words
  • Benefits of Coloring for Relieving stress – 730+ words

Social media posters and snippets are of high quality, so that done for your package is appealing.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for quality content and want to try the FREE content go with bundles that range from FREE to $37, and they are worth it.

If you want the extensive list with more content and coming from the house of a trusted one, i.e.,, look no further.

The choice is yours, but you will not get wrong with any of these.