Affiliate marketing is becoming heavily popular among marketers to make money without worrying about product creation, warehouse, logistics, or substantial initial investment. All you need is to promote affiliate products, generate sales and earn commission on each sale.

By the way, if you have little idea about affiliate marketing and how to start it, then let me tell you that it is a process of you earning a commission by promoting someone else’s product or service.

There are millions of products and services in the market that are for sale online, and most of them have an affiliate program. You can join these affiliate programs as per your choice/niche and start promoting their products. For each sale, you earn a commission which varies from product to product.

But the truth is most of the people who start affiliate marketing fail to make money online due to lack of knowledge and not a having a set strategy at place.

Here are the 14 most common mistakes which affiliate marketers make when they start their affiliate marketing journey.

1. Not Building an Email List

If you are planning to start your earnings from affiliate marketing, focus on building your email list from Day 1. Top affiliate marketers always say that money is in the email list, so don’t delay growing a targeted email subscriber database.

Don’t look for shady methods to build your list, as it will only hurt you in future. There are multiple free and paid email optin tools available in the market for lead generation.

MailChimp is my free go-to email optin tool, and if you have a budget, you can go for the OptinMonster.

2. Having a Selling Mindset Rather Than Helping

Nowadays, people are sick of getting sold without giving any value on the topic. Refrain from pushing your offers too much. People visit affiliate marketing websites with an intention to get a real person’s genuine views on a product(s), and that’s how your content should be.

Try to provide real value to the visitor, try to solve the problem in the best way possible, try to satisfy the user’s intent and the money will automatically flow.

3. Taking Affiliate Marketing as Get Rich Quick Process

A lot of affiliate marketers who have tasted success in affiliate marketing are now trying to build an audience around the topic by promoting courses and learning materials which says “How to make $10000 in a month with affiliate marketing.”

Newbies are getting attracted towards the idea of having the money-making potential in mind, but they ignore the time and effort required to reach at that stage.

So put all your efforts and have the patience to get success in affiliate marketing.

4. Low-Quality Content

As they say, “Content is the King.” Majority of affiliate marketers fail due to low-quality content. If you want to dominate the market in your niche, you have to beat your competitors with high quality content.

To write high-quality review articles, you must focus on in-depth content with good supporting images, videos, infographics, stats etc. This way, you build a level of trust and engagement among the users.

5. Proper Keyword Research

If you have a website, your goal should be to maximize your search engine traffic. I am not saying you should only focus on search traffic because Google keeps updating its ranking algorithm from time to time and hence it is crucial to have multiple sources of traffic. But search engine traffic is the channel where you can get high-quality traffic in large amount if you target the right keywords.

I prefer Ahrefs for keyword research which is a paid tool. If you are looking for a free tool, Ubersuggest can be a good choice.

6. Promoting Low-quality Products

Mostly newbies don’t invest time in getting high-quality products for promotion due to which they don’t get a sale. Please choose your products carefully by looking at their sales stats, reviews, popularity, best offers. The goal is to give as much value as possible.

7. Copying Every Other Affiliate Marketer

Generally, new affiliate marketers follow everyone and choose the products which others are promoting. In the process, they don’t stick to a single plan and end up getting failure in everything.

If you look at successful people, they all have one thing in common. They have stick to their business model and keep doing it to get success. If you want to reach at the top of the affiliate marketing game, you have to think like an innovator.

Think of how you can add more value for your readers which your competitors are not doing. To get success, don’t just blindly copy others, choose a low-competitive niche and stick to your strategy.

8. Not Comparing Products

People love comparison posts more than just single product reviews.

By writing comparison products, you are not only benefiting your audience in making more informed decisions but also showing multiple affiliate products at one place which increase the sales percentage significantly.

9. Not Creating Enough Content

If you want your affiliate articles to get ranked on Google, you should focus on creating more content and detailed articles.

Mostly newbies write a few articles and expect a lot of visitors to come to their website and start buying products from their affiliate links.

10. Lack of Competitive Research

Generally, new affiliate marketers fail to analyze their competitors properly before starting a niche. For example, you might find starting a weight loss niche or insurance niche very enticing considering the big affiliate commissions on offer, but the bigger the niche, the more the competition.

It is highly unlikely that you would get ranked for most of those broad keywords. Hence, always try to find a niche which has low competition so that your money-making keywords can get ranked and your website becomes profitable.

11. Being Impatient

Being impatient is one of the most common reasons for failures among the new affiliate marketers.

You might want to earn a lot of money, my friend, but trust me, in affiliate marketing, patience is the key to success. If you are willing to stay in business without giving up, you will see that it was worth doing it.

12. Not Investing in Right Tools

Making money online is an amazing way to earn money and has its own benefits but it demands regular investment from time to time. Invest some amount each month in the growth of your business, if you are taking it as a long-term opportunity.

If you are not investing in the right tools, you can’t succeed in an online business.

To build a profitable affiliate marketing website, you should invest in a premium web hosting, a professional, fast-loading theme, premium product review plugins and SEO tools such as ahrefs, Semrush etc. and most importantly invest in yourself by learning new skills, remain updated with the changing SEO techniques.

13. Giving Low Importance to SEO

SEO can be your single best source of traffic if done properly with dedication.

Apart from doing proper keyword research before writing your review articles, you should also focus on other aspects of SEO such as On-Page and Off-Page SEO, building white hat backlinks for your articles, promoting your articles on other platforms etc.

14. Not Building Trust with the Audience

Affiliate marketing is a game of TRUST. The reason why some affiliate marketers can earn huge money by promoting a product and others can’t even sell a single product is they have earned the trust of their audience.

You need to build trust with your readers by promoting genuine, high-quality products. So if you are in affiliate marketing or are planning to jump into it, don’t commit these common mistakes in your affiliate marketing journey.

To enjoy success, you need to build a thoughtful strategy and keep learning and optimizing your strategy from time to time to reach that sweet spot.