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Selling products on Amazon is getting trickier with a sharp rise in competition among sellers. Every seller attempts to sell in-demand products or the ones that can fetch them a decent profit. However, the failure ratio is higher as sellers often end up choosing products with higher competition and lower margins.

This phenomenon can be frustrating for both the new and seasoned sellers. If you aren’t making enough profit, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

What probably could be the reasons behind the slump? Likely, you haven’t picked the correct keywords that would’ve ranked your product high on Amazon giving it more visibility. Again, the market for the product you have chosen might already be saturated.

Online marketplace tools can help you wade through the problem and prevent unnecessary losses. However, if you’ve been looking beyond Amzscout as your “go-to” online marketplace tool, you’re in for some pleasant surprise.

Some incredibly reliable and effective Amzscout alternatives are available in the market and you can choose the one that suits your exact needs and budget.

6 Best Amzscout Alternatives

Wait, no need to feel overwhelmed; some tools other than Amzscout can be equally effective in searching products and related keywords. The good news is that we did all the legwork and created a list of six popular Amzscout alternatives you can pick from for fulfilling your online marketing goals.

All these Amzscout alternatives are loaded with unique features to dig deeper into Amazon’s product database and provide valuable insights. Choose from the list of 6 top Amzscout alternatives to kick-start your marketing campaign:

1. Jungle Scout – All Marketing Data Under One Dashboard

Jungle Scout offers effective assistance when you’re looking to find products that sell on Amazon well. It also helps you form sales estimates, do keyword research, and snoop on your competitors—all of it from the convenience of a very user-friendly dashboard.


Greg Mercer came up with this amazing tool in 2014. It has made sure that searching for ways to do well on Amazon is no more groping in the dark. It’s your convenient reference tool to know what products will help you make a neat profit on Amazon and how.

Jungle Scout Features

  • Niche Hunter: With this feature, you can locate what niche ideas, products, and keywords can help you rake in profits based on average price, competition, product category, etc.
  • Product Tracker: With the product tracker, you can check the entire sales history of a product. You’ll have the rating, the fees, the average price, the search volume, and more displayed on the dashboard.
  • Keyword Scout: With keyword scout, you can identify niche keywords that most shoppers on Amazon are using to search for products. It also helps you understand the relevance of keywords.

The Downsides of Using Jungle Scout

  • No Free Trial: Jungle Scout’s popularity would have shot through the roof had there been a free trial on offer. There’s isn’t any and that’s the major grouse we have.
  • The Confusing Pricing: There’s a sliding scale that rises based on sales. Therefore, how much you need to spend each month becomes hard to predict.

The Prices

  • Basic: $29/month
  • Suite: $49/month
  • Professional: $84/month

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2. Helium 10 – Unmatchable Marketing Insights

Helium 10 with its useful features makes it easy for you to research product types so you know which product niches you should go for. Helium 10 offers comprehensive assistance in your search for the right product to sell.


Beginning with the product research you need to carry out after you decide to sell on Amazon, Helium 10 helps you with the keyword research as well so you can draw traffic to your Amazon store. It makes Helium 10 a multi-pronged strategy for launching a successful business on Amazon.

Helium 10 Best Features

  • Black Box: With the Black Box feature, you zero in on the product type and niche that’s selling well on Amazon. This Helium 10 function is available in the Canadian, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, British, and US markets.
  • Xray: This Helium 10 Chrome extension offers a deeper insight into the market as you browse Amazon listings. It helps you decide on further potential products. It’s available in the same markets.
  • Review Velocity: This tool shows you which product received how many reviews over the last 30 days. It helps you gauge how popular the product is.
  • Keyword Rank Tracker: It helps you track your keywords to check if they are effective enough. It helps you monitor how well you are progressing.

The Downsides of Using Helium 10

  • It’s bogged down by several bugs that need a lot of time to get fixed
  • You can use all the features it offers only if you buy the expensive plans.

The Prices

  • Starter: $39/month
  • Platinum: $99/month
  • Diamond: $249/month
  • Elite: $399/month
  • Enterprise: A solution customized for large businesses

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3. Zonbase – Optimizing All Products Quickly and Effectively

The Zonbase motto goes, “Sell More, Work Less on Amazon.” Zonbase is effective in scouring the Amazon database and fetching information about profit-making products. It also helps you find the best keywords you can use to bring your products to the first page for higher visibility.


Zonbase offers an accuracy of as much as 92 percent. That certainly makes it an effective tool to use and make good money on Amazon.

Zonbase Best Features

  • ZonResearch: With this feature, you can find Amazon products after filtering them by country, presets, monthly sales, price, reviews, and monthly revenue. Zonbase offers the convenience of downloading the search results so you can prepare reports.
  • Keywords: As the name suggests, this feature helps you search for the right keywords for your products. It also helps you optimize keywords ensuring greater visibility.
  • Listify: With Listify, you can create a listing of your product so you can compare it against the competition. Using the best keywords in the bullet points, the descriptions, the search items, and the titles help you optimize your listings. You can also leave out the branded keywords to prevent blocking.
  • Photo Enhancer: With Photo Enhancer, you can make the photos of your products grab more eyeballs. The photos appear more appealing helping popularize your brand and sell more. You may also highlight portions of the photos so your customers can have a better look at them.

The Downsides of Using Zonbase

  • Zonbase would’ve been better with more pricing options
  • The customer service isn’t anything to write home about

The Prices

  • Standard Plan: $37/month
  • Legendary Plan: $67/month

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4. ZonGuru – Convenient Product Research and Niche Marketing

Created by entrepreneurs John Tilley and Adam Hudson, ZonGuru makes your research for finding the right product niche and the correct combination of keywords much simpler. This tool also helps you manage the security of your intellectual properties efficiently.


ZonGuru is a very handy tool that has automated much of the research you need to put into marketing your products on Amazon. It helps you save a lot of time. With ZonGuru you can also track how your competitors are performing. That way you’ll know where you stand which will help you strategize better.

ZonGuru Best Features

  • Business Dashboard: With this feature, you can track how well your brand or product is doing. It lets you see the sales history, the overall worth, and the changes in these two business parameters over time. You can also check customer reviews and the net margin a product offers.
  • Keywords on Fire: This tool does a good job of identifying Amazon’s most searched keywords. You get to see the keyword rank which tells you when it is popular. That way you get to know whether a keyword is relevant and plan your marketing strategy.
  • Niche Rater: This tool shares information about how well your product can do while staying on the Amazon website itself. It presents the relevant data in a condensed form and creates a rating that projects your product’s success in a certain niche.
  • Product Monitor: With the product monitor, you can track your product’s performance using real-time data.

The Downsides of Using ZonGUru

  • ZonGuru isn’t suitable for smaller businesses
  • ZonGuru doesn’t come with real-time tech support

The Prices

  • Researcher: $35/month
  • Seller: $49/month

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5. SellerApp – Selling Like A Pro on Amazon

A behavioral-based eCommerce analytics tool, SellerApp gives a more detailed insight into your selling data. This data helps you formulate strategies that help you optimize your products on Amazon’s listings. Therefore, you can make more money by selling more of your products.


SellerApp is the ideal Amazon Reverse ASIN tool search. With it you can search the keywords your competitors are using on Amazon. That way, you can identify the currently trending keywords to help your products rank high on Amazon. SellerApp is a handy tool that puts you at a distinct advantage over your competitors.

SellerApp Best Features

  • PPC Optimization & Automation: This feature improves your keyword mining and optimized targeting helping increase your conversions. This way, you won’t need to spend more on ads.
  • Profit Management: SellerApp has a detailed dashboard on which you can monitor as well as manage your expenses, the profit you are making, and what you are spending.
  • Keyword Discovery: You can scour keywords in real-time and aggregate many suggestions. Therefore, you get a chance to use the top-performing keywords on Amazon.
  • Smart Product Research: Find a product that could sell like hotcakes by studying top product data points.
  • Enhanced Listing Quality: Check how desirable your listings are and how easily they can be discovered. This feature also tells you where you can make improvements.

The Downsides of Using SellerApp

  • Too much data to work with makes it slightly complicated and a tad difficult to use
  • Currently available only in the American and Australian markets

The Prices

  • Pro-Lite: $39/month
  • Professional: $79/month
  • Freemium: Free for sellers just getting started

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6. Viral Launch – Business Intelligence For Smart Businesses

When you are looking for truly effective Amazon FBA insights, Viral Launch is the tool for you. With this tool, you can spot opportunities by assessing the various aspects of the market courtesy of its very deep data integration with Amazon.


You can also check your competitors’ strategies while tracking how your own business is doing. That way, you can optimize your product listings as well.

Viral Launch is a well-streamlined system combining multiple functions. As such, the insight you get using a single tool can be distributed to the others so you can analyze deeper for more effective value addition. All the tools work hand in hand to maximize your sales and bring in more profit.

Viral Launch Best Features

  • Keyword Manager: It provides insights for search optimization while you can keep an eye on where your product ranks on Amazon search.
  • Listing Builder: It helps you identify the best possible combination of keywords while giving you SEO insights from Amazon’s algorithms directly.
  • Competitor Intelligence Tool: With this tool, you can spy on your competitors and gather information about what strategies they have adopted and how well they are doing. Some reverse engineering using the data helps you beat your rival’s hands down.
  • Listing Analyzer: This tool lets you initiate action based on insights into tricks that are potential conversion boosters. It translates into higher profits.

The Downsides of Using Viral Launch

  • A bit difficult to learn for beginners
  • There’s too much information to work with which can leave you a bit overwhelmed

The Prices

  • Essentials: $69/month
  • Pro: $99/month
  • Pro Plus Ads: $199/month
  • It’s free for those starting out

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Amzscout Alternatives: Which One Is Best For Me?

After using each of the six tools extensively, we feel that the best Amzscout alternative out there is ZonGuru. It has some handy features that make it stand out from its competitors.

The Product Monitor helps you track how well your product is doing on Amazon using real-time data.

That gives you a deep understanding of where you stand. ZonGuru also tells you exactly when a keyword is trending so you can use it to ensure that your products rank higher.

ZonGuru minimizes research work and helps you automatically sell better on Amazon. The tools offer an incredibly user-friendly interface with an all-in-one dashboard for keeping a tab on all marketing activities.

The tool comes at reasonable prices, especially when you consider the features offered by this amazing tool. It’s worth every penny of your investment. ZonGuru tracks the performance of your product on Amazon thoroughly so you know where to improve and how to improve.


Each of the top 6 Amzscout alternatives puts your business on the fast track on Amazon. They help you identify the right product by looking into the market on Amazon and thoroughly analyzing the competition.

The tools also help you rank your product higher on Amazon for greater visibility ensuring higher conversions.

If your business hasn’t been doing as well on Amazon as you had expected it to, these tools give it a much-needed boost. Gain a distinct advantage over your competitors by picking one of the six top Amzscout alternatives.