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Are you looking for different ways of quickly earning money online?

PLR (Private Label Rights) products are an excellent way to make money online and by learning how to leverage PLR content, you can also make huge profits.

So if you want to make money with PLR, I have suggested 12 best ways in this article through which you can generate passive income using PLR products.

All you have to do is, buy any PLR product such as eBook, articles, templates, videos, graphics, music, software etc. from a trusted PLR provider and use these 12 ways listed below to make money online.

1. Boost Your Affiliate Sales (Offer PLR Products as Bonuses)

One of the best ways to earn money through PLR products is by using them in boosting your affiliate sales.

If you want to make more commissions and increase your conversion rates, then I highly recommend you to offer PLR products as a bonus.

With this method, you can easily get a 5-15% increase in your conversion rates.

Make sure that the products you are offering as bonus are highly related to the product that you are promoting.

For example, if you are promoting an Internet marketing related product, you have to ensure that the product you are offering as a bonus is Internet marketing related.

2. Build an Email List

Another way to use PLR products is in building your email list.

As you know the conversion chances are higher when you offer something for free to your readers.

So if you don’t have a lead magnet or some other incentive, then you can offer some PLR product for free when people opt to subscribe to your email list.

Read the PLR licenses and other terms and conditions for the PLR product(s) that you are offering.

Now once you have built a strong email list, you can use it for selling your affiliate products.

3. Create a “Mega Pack”

You can easily make thousands of dollars by creating a “Mega Pack” of PLR products.

In this, you have to select and combine multiple products to make a pack of best PLR products which is a great way to increase value and over deliver on what your customers pay for.

You can choose the products around a theme, for example – a mega pack around social media products.

The pricing of this mega pack will depend on the number of products you are including in it, be it 5, 10 or 20 products. 

4. Sell PLR Products on Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform where people usually offer services such as logo designing, video creating and editing, intros/outros, content writing etc. for five dollars.

But the platform is not restricted to services only at the moment, so you can sell PLR products also keeping in mind the selling rights of your chosen products.

5. Create a Membership Site

As the organizations today are moving to the subscription based business model by offering their products for a period of time in exchange for a fee, you can create a membership site and offer PLR membership through which users can buy new PLR products from the website on monthly basis.

Apart from offering them high quality products, you can continue to provide them value by solving their issues, answering their queries, guiding them through videos, tutorials etc.

6. Resell as it is

Another way to use PLR products is to resell them as it is.

You can resell them to an existing email database of yours, use solo ads to sell these products or also use other influencers or publisher’s solo ads for selling your PLR products.

You can also include them on your sales page to make more profits.

7. Create Amazon Kindle Books

Use of Amazon Kindle books has increased exponentially during the past few years, especially in countries such as United States and United Kingdom.

You can use the PLR content to create Amazon Kindle books and publish it on the Amazon platform to make profits.

8. Offer Mini Email Courses

Selling courses is one of the best ways to earn money online, especially if you are making a course on a hot topic which is on demand.

You can use an autoresponder for setting up an automated email course which you can deliver to your subscribers over a period of several weeks or months.

In between, you can add your affiliate links to the products you want to sell.

9. Create Your Own Info Products

If you love creating products, this can be really easy and exciting for you to get easy money by putting a little effort.

You can use PLR products to create your own info products which can be of any type and in any niche of your choice.

The best way is to combine a few articles which lie under the same category or topic to create a high quality eBook.

It will hardly take you a few hours to put together the articles and set your eBook for sale with PLR rights.

Once your eBook is ready for sale, you can leverage the affiliate platforms or joint venture partners to let others promote and sell it for you.

10. Create Podcasts

This is a unique way which is not that popular but if used properly can be really beneficial for you.

You can use PLR content to record weekly podcasts and distribute or promote them on Google’s Podcast or Apple’s Podcast.


These are some of the best ways which I would like to recommend if you are looking to make some money online using PLR products.

Remember, the fastest and easiest way to sell PLR products is by adding value that is useful for your target audience.

Make ensure to refine the products by removing low-value content and adding something which you think is worthy and can provide value to your buyers before selling your PLR products.

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