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Started by a 20-year-old David Karp, Tumblr became a hit blogging site in 2010 for bloggers from all over the world. Since then, blogging has become a new cool way to transmit information from one place to another.

Tumblr has shown significant growth in the past few years and is now hosting more than 316 million blogs and has a traffic of over 555 million monthly visitors on its website. 

Tumblr blogs are unique because they have a tremendous amount of creative themes for their blogs. These themes make the content organized and also builds the interest of the reader.

One can personalize their blogs and add these mind-blowing themes to make their content look more appealing to the people. In this article, we will mention the 25 best Tumblr themes for a blog.  

Buyers Guide

Before you select and buy a new Tumblr theme, make sure to remember these critical points, which will help you make an efficient decision.

  • The theme must have a clean and responsive layout: 

The viewership in today’s time is not just limited to one platform. One can use so many devices to look out for the information. A responsive layout will ensure that your blog looks great everywhere.

  • It should support all format types:

Tumblr is a platform where one can view all kinds of text, photo, and video formats. A theme is only useful if it is offering you to post all types of data and content.

  • Seo friendly: 

Most of the traffic comes to a site by searching through various search engines. Theme being Seo friendly will benefit your blog in significant ways.

  • It should comprise multiple widgets:

There is n number of widgets that are so helpful for a blogger to access many things in the blog. Make sure the theme has plenty of needed tools like social media tags, calendars, etc. as per your blog’s requirement. 

Below are the 25 best Tumblr themes that will help you to develop a creative and excellent blog or website:

1. Supple

This theme is designed specifically for creative and artistic people. It is versatile and has to offer multiple features to make your Blog look cool and stylish. For different screen resolutions and devices, you have the freedom to select the number of columns, which makes it more flexible.


  • Custom image logos. 
  • Extremely responsive layout.
  • It supports all social media.
  • Easy Google Analytics implementation.
  • Include a customizable footer.

2. Pandora

Pandora is one of the best Tumblr themes for photography. Its fluidic layout helps the visitor to relentlessly scroll through the blog and check all the content efficiently. The theme supports all types of format to be posted and has more than 15  social media icons included.


  • Infinite Scrolling.
  • Width and Margins of the post can be adjusted.
  • Fluidic layout for smooth scrolling.
  • Over 15 primary social network links included.
  • Post Background uploading option.

3. UMO Folio

A creative theme built while keeping in mind the requirements of all kinds of visual artists. It is a  multi-sectional theme, and the main blog page is divided to add info of several types. The theme includes the footer section, where one can add details of their contact. 


  • Filterable Portfolio Grid.
  • It can display multiple group members.
  • Customizable Colours and Background Images available.
  • Widgets to make you see up to 6 members on the screen.
  • Compatible with all modern browsers.

4. Makna

Makna is a beautiful Tumblr theme to publish your creativity to the world. It includes a cutting-edge technique for filtering the posts, which help in making your work look more exquisite. It is highly responsive and supports all post types and has an inclusion of multiple Google fonts.


  • Integration of Disqus comments. 
  • Responsive web design for mobiles.
  • Multiple social media links added.
  • Proper theme documentation.
  • Cross-browser support.
  • Several widgets included for more usability. 

5. Timeline

It is a premium featured theme which shows the content in the fashion of a timeline. Much like facebook, this theme will help you create a stylish and down style blog. It is one of the most used Tumblr themes for writers and bloggers. The pack includes four primary files that will help you to install and guide this theme. 


  • It includes several post types and formats.
  • Seo friendly.
  • Multiple widgets included.
  • Facebook Like button widget included.
  • Ease of uploading the image files.
  • Image slider.
  • Well documented help file included.

6. Incorporated

This Tumblr theme is just perfect for all photo enthusiasts. It will help you to showcase your best work. The theme is fully responsive and supports all kinds of devices. The best feature of the theme is its custom photo hover, which gives makes it look fantastic.


  • Up to six tags can be defined.
  • Scrolling is infinite.
  • Two post sizes available.
  • Ready for Google Analytics.
  • It accepts high-resolution photos and videos.
  • Up to 8 title fonts included.
  • It will show you recent tweets. 

7. The Catalog Tumblr Theme

It is a theme perfect for all the publishing magazines, which give you all the info in the form of catalogues. Its customizable navigation slider makes it one of the best Tumblr themes for bloggers. It lets you add widgets in the footer that makes it more interactive.  


  • The search box is included.
  • Titles can be added in all post types.
  • Customizable colours.
  • It supports a wide layout.
  • The logo can be used as an image.
  • It comprises of various Google Fonts.
  • Disqus comments added for ease in the chat process.
  • View Homepage listing style in Thumbnails.

8. Affection

Affection is a beautiful Tumblr theme that has a variety of features to offer and is best to use in all modern devices. It uses the most advanced responsive framework available on the web. It contains multiple features like content slider, custom logo, Google web fonts, and many more. It supports more than eight formats for different post types.


  • Well documented.
  • Integration with Google Web Fonts.
  • Seo friendly.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Includes a wide range of colours to choose from.

9. Foundation Tumblr Theme

Foundation is a modern Tumblr theme featuring a dark mode. This can be used to develop a specific style of a photography blog. It comes out with a sectioned design, and different sections can be used for uploading different contents. With the use of Foundation technology, it makes the blog ultra responsive. More than five different header images can be added to the blog. Also, it gives you an option to include a custom footer tagline. 


  • Great for all digital devices.
  • Parallax Header.
  • Support all social networks.
  • The header is fully customizable.
  • Slider resolution to slide up to 5 images with a loader. 
  • Ask Box included for questions from users. 
  • Infinite Scroll bar. 

10. Rapture

Rupture is an all in one Tumblr theme, which is just perfect for everything from personal blogs to portfolios to business blogs. The image slider option helps make it more interactive and lets you show your best work. With this theme pack, you get the freedom to customize the theme as per your and requirements fully.    


  • Option to switch on and off the widgets.
  • Highly Responsive.
  • It contains 10 Google Fonts.
  • Disqus comments.
  • Image slider with captions capability.
  • Scroll to top button is included.
  • After-sales support. 
  • Multiple icons for different posts.

11. Photographica

This Tumblr theme is specially designed for photographers and people who want to create a photographic blog. It is a responsive theme and is prepared with the care to display the content according to the device size. This theme is highly versatile and is easily customizable and user-friendly. 


  • Group posting supported.
  • Header and Footer included.
  • Social Media friendly.
  • Full zoom screen support.
  • Google Analytics Ready.
  • Customizable Multiple colours.
  • Use Google Web Fonts.
  • Search bar included.
  • Audio and video thumbnails supported. 
  • Ask Form supported for ease of the user. 

12. Flora

Flora is a simple and elegant blogging theme that is just ideal for all creative minds. With more than 90 customizable options, one can design their blog to give it a professional look. Guided documentation is included to help out with any problem. It has a breakneck loading speed and is one of the best Tumblr themes. Visitor details can be tracked with Google tools.


  • Inclusion of Mail Subscribes feature. 
  • Sliding effects are given for efficient photo viewing. 
  • It helps you keep a visitor track record.
  • Full social media support.
  • Share the post button available for easy posting.
  • Team support available for assistance on bugs and others.

13. Salvia

This stylish and fabulous Tumblr theme will help you create a blog best for your photographic needs. Multiple layout styles to choose from with customizable colour and design options.  This theme enhances your font’s optical view to get a better look at the content. A wide range of fonts is available to make the blog engaging and interactive. 


  • Highly Responsive.
  • Efficient in displaying the Copyright notice.
  • Fully customizable colours.
  • Compatible with all modern browsers.
  • Ease to change the layout styles. 
  • It includes a hidden menu for your links.

14. Emotion

Emotion is a beautiful theme that has the potential to bring out the passion of a user with its design and appropriate content. It has a quality of displaying your content in a way that it will look more appealing and engaging to a user. This theme is perfect for beautifying your content, creating more traffic on your blog. 


  • Google Analytics supported.
  •  Hide and Show buttons available.
  • Integration with the google fonts.
  • Addition of custom fonts.
  • It has multiple colours to choose from.
  • Ease of upload.
  • It comes with a column layout.

15. Karla

It is a stunning premium web theme. Designed by keeping in mind the requirements of writers, bloggers, and photographers. This theme will add up a new life to your web blog. It supports infinite scrolling, which helps in natural scrolling of the content on the blog. The pack also includes online documentation that ensures smooth and guided instructions for the development of the blog.


  • MailChimp Support.
  • All format types supported.
  • Cross-Browser support.
  • It includes many advanced theme options. 
  • Disqus Comments included.

16. Vidy

This is an ideal theme for creating artistic blogs. Vidy gives you an option to divide your page into three sections, and you can use these to add content as per your need. It includes multiple layout options that give you the power to create a  highly efficient website or a blog. 


  • Highly interactive Post page.
  • Google Fonts included.
  • 3 Sectioned Window to use.
  • Disqus comments.
  • Customizable colour options.

17. Glue

Glue is a clean and responsive Tumblr theme which has been designed explicitly focusing on the content. It has plenty of features that can be easily customized.

The feature of gapless posts helps to focus on the content and make sure that the layout and other elements do not overshadow the content. A wide range of Google fonts is embedded with the freedom to create a custom logo as an image. 


  • Disqus Comments.
  • Multiple Layouts.
  • Gapless Posts.
  • Retina Ready.
  • Easy navigation through the sidebar.
  • Social Media friendly.

18. Tresno

Tresno is a responsive Tumblr theme suitable for photographers, bloggers, and other creative peoples. The theme pack comes with full documentation, which makes it easier to understand and apply the various features of the theme. The theme can enable and disable multiple widgets, which becomes quite helpful while blogging.


  • Tag Cloud Widget included.
  • Multiple options in the theme.
  • Fully Responsive design.
  • Sidebar included.
  • Stylish Icons added to the pack.
  • Seo friendly.

19. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the best Tumblr themes for people who want to start blogging in fashion or food areas. The grid layout system provides a better and interactive look at the blog. This photo-oriented theme is responsive and Seo friendly. Multiple features included in the theme makes it the best in its category.


  • Recent Post slider included.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Header and Footer include social icons.
  • All format supported.

20. Rainbow

Rainbow is a beautiful metro style Tumblr theme perfect for showcasing a person’s creativity. The layout of the blog is metro style, and you can upload photos to get a personal look at the blog. It is easy to use and comes with fully customizable features. 


  • Mail subscribe button added.
  • Cloud widgets are included.
  • Search Engine Optimization friendly.

21. Archon

Archon is a beautiful yet straightforward Tumblr theme best for making a photography blog. The simple design of the theme puts a good focus on the content, which helps a user to grab more content in a look. The theme has an infinite scrolling feature like Twitter. One can choose at least four hover portfolio effects.


  • Off-canvas menu.
  • Seo Friendly.
  •  Integrated with Google Fonts.
  • All post formats supported.

22. Hype

Hype is a powerful and fantastic Tumblr theme built on the Bootstrap Framework. The theme is just great for building portfolios and various creative blogs. The theme pack includes fully guided instruction to develop the blog with all the features fully explained. 


  • Elegant design with a full-frame slider.
  • It supports all digital devices.
  • Visitor details Tracker included. 
  • Disqus Integration.
  • Easy to share the post button added.

23. Grid

This responsive and retina ready Tumblr theme is just what a blogger is looking for. Features like preloader, infinite scrolling, Posts Pop up make it a  great theme to use for any blogger. The stylish and magnificent design gives a unique and engaging experience to the visitor. This retina-ready theme is a must check for all the bloggers.


  • Stylish grid fashioned layout.
  • Seo Friendly.
  • Full online documentation included.
  • Cross-Browser Support.

24. Wave

Wave is an interesting Tumblr theme with a minimalistic look that will create an excellent impression on all the visitors. It has multiple features embedded in the theme pack. Infinite scrolling helps in getting a great feel on the blog. You can upload any content as all the file types are supported.


  • Retina Ready page design.
  • Disqus comments.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Responsive Design.
  • It includes the Authors’ Sidebar.

25. Putih

The theme is made to build podcasting or a photography blog. Putih is a clean Tumblr theme that includes a wide range of features to make the blog look simple and stylish. It supports all the file types and formats. Multiple widgets are added to make the blog more interactive. The slide menu toggle button is provided for a better viewing experience. 


  • Responsive Design.
  • Social Links are all included.
  • Menu and search slide button added.
  • Disqus Comments.
  • Integration with Google Fonts.
  • Multiple widgets included.


These beautiful and fantastic themes will help you build the site or blog of your dreams. Select a theme that fits perfect for your idea in mind. Remember to consider all the points given in the buyer’s guide. When building the site, do different experiments and also take opinions for essential feedback. Use these 25 best Tumblr themes to make a stunning Web Blog or a website.