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Are you looking for some high-quality PLR videos but aren’t sure where to get them? Look no further!

In this article, I’m going to review the top 5 best websites for PLR videos. I will also teach you how to customize the PLR videos so that you can resell, create awesome courses or do whatever you want with them.

As you’re already aware, there are many PLR websites out there that offer amazing digital products. However, not all can guarantee quality content. 

But before I talk about the websites, let’s understand the meaning of PLR videos, how to customize them and whether you can upload them on YouTube.

What Are PLR Videos?

PLR videos are video content that you can edit, brand, republish, or use together with other products as your own.

Sometimes some PLR websites allow you to give away the videos to your audience as gifts, but you must be guided by the terms of use of the website you’re downloading the videos from.

Some websites also provide videos with other licenses like Master Resell Rights and Resell Rights thus you can resell them without modifying anything.

As a rule, if you plan to resell the videos, always use those that come with private label rights. RR and MRR products can’t allow you to make the videos more unique.

PLR videos can be helpful in the following ways:

  • You can use PLR videos to create and sell online courses.
  • You can use them in membership sites or coaching programs.
  • You can use them in your autoresponder.
  • You can use PLR videos for lead generation.

The best thing is that there are several ways to make PLR videos unique and suitable for use as you wish.

Overview of  Top PLR Websites for PLR Videos

PLR Site Platform Type Pricing
Tools For MotivationProduct Store $5 to $197 For Each Products
Big Product StoreMembershipStarting With $19.90/M
PLR DatabaseMembershipStarting With $10.00/M
PLR ProductsMembership$2.99 to $24.99 For Each Products
PLR.meMembership & Store Starting With $99.00/M

5 Best Websites for PLR Videos

There are countless websites out there that offer PLR videos of different niches. Nevertheless, not all websites guarantee quality PLR videos.

Having used multiple PLR websites, I found these five to be great resources for PLR videos:

1. Tools For Motivation

Are you a life coach, consultant, tutor, speaker, or author looking to create or sell programs online? Tools For Motivation is a great resource for you.

Tools-For-MotivationThe website offers awesome PLR videos you can use on your blog, create podcasts, sell, or upload them to your social media accounts and build your online presence.

Currently, has over 1,000 PLR videos in different niches such as personal development, success, relationship, self-esteem, stress, time-management, happiness, marketing, and more.

Aside from PLR videos, the website also offers audio files you can use with other products to make great videos. The videos are created by an in-house team of hand-picked expert editors, researchers, writers, and designers.

Most of the videos come with Private Label Rights thus you can:

  • Edit, use them together with other products or as is.
  • Give them as bonuses to your audience.
  • Add them to paid membership sites.
  • Publish them on your online platforms.

Note that you can’t sell private label rights, master resell rights as well as resell rights.

Pricing: PLR videos are available at different prices ranging from $27 to $180.

Visit Tools For Motivation

2. Big Product Store

BigProductStore is one of the largest PLR membership websites with a huge library of tens of thousands of PLR products including videos, video packs and courses, eBooks, and more.


The website also covers other license types like master resell rights, giveaway, personal use, and resell rights.

Founded in 2012, the website has over 2000 videos in different niches such as business, productivity, health, and many others.

Since the website offers products with other license types, you should understand the license type of the video you want to use before downloading and using it.

Often, videos are packaged with additional text transcripts thus you can repurpose the content with ease.
What’s more, the website offers exclusive videos for its members.


Unlike other PLR membership websites that charge per product or monthly recurring subscriptions, this website has a generous lifetime membership plan of $98.50.

You pay once and access unlimited products for your desired time. If you wish to use PLR videos for a short time, you can join their monthly membership for $19.90 per month.

Visit BigProductStore

3. PLR Database is also another PLR membership platform for a massive database of over 26,000 licensed done-for-you products including articles, eBooks, scripts, videos, and many others.

Currently, the website offers over 3,200 video packages with Private Label Rights.


There are videos with other licenses like master resell rights, personal use, etc so you should understand the license that comes with the video you want to use before downloading it.

Most of the videos cover popular niches like business psychology, health, marketing, and others like weight loss, dating, cooking, motivation, etc.

You will also find most videos with additional files to enable you to repurpose and make them unique.

What I like the most about PLR Database is that you can easily search through their library thanks to their handy search bar. Plus their pricing plans are also affordable.

If you’re looking for a website where you can download PLR videos in bulk without making a dent in your wallet then consider PLR Database. 

Pricing: offers four different pricing options. A Free plan is $0, Premium plan is $10 per user per month, Premium+ is $25 per user per 3 months, and Premium++ is $49 per user per year.

Once you join any of the membership plans, you gain access to exclusive products like eBooks, articles, videos, and many others.

Plus a members forum where you can ask questions and learn how to use PLR products profitably.

Visit PLRDatabase

4. PLR Products is a huge digital product store that partners with quality providers to offer you the best PLR products in different types and topics.

plrproducts-best plr sites

The website has over 1,000 video products that include download pages, high-quality videos, sales pages, and more.

The videos cover different topics such as social media, family, exercise, making money online, self-improvement, beauty, relationships, weight loss, health, and many others. New videos are added monthly.

Must mention that not all videos come with private label rights. Some come with Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, or a combination of the licenses. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the license type of the video you want to purchase before downloading it.

Videos are also listed with in-depth descriptions to help you understand what you’re purchasing before you add it to your cart. The website also offers other PLR products like audiobooks, articles, software, templates, and reports and reports instead of eBooks.

Pricing: Unlike other websites that offer monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership plans, allows you to purchase products individually. For instance, you can purchase a video for as little as $7. 

Visit PLRProducts


Perhaps you’re wondering why I featured in this list of the best websites for PLR videos given that the website doesn’t sell PLR videos but this is my favorite website for high-quality PLR content that you can turn into awesome videos. is one of the best websites renowned for delivering high-quality PLR materials of different types and in almost every possible niche you can think of.

First off, the website works with an in-house team of native English writers thus all the content is originally well-written and can be converted to other forms or given away as a bonus or gift.

You can purchase professionally created checklists, a well-written eBook, or an article and convert it into an interesting video. And you can even use a combination of PLR content to make one awesome video.

Currently, focuses on health and wealth topics but you can also get PLR products in different topics like business and marketing, stress management, career and job, dating and relationships, and more.

One thing I like about is that there is no shortage of quality PLR products you can use to create amazing videos.

Aside from that, the website offers some helpful guides and training on how to use PLR content.

Pricing: offers different pricing plans as follows:

  • Pay-As-You-Go: 15 credits at $1.47 per credit- $22 one-time payment,
  • 100 Monthly Plan: 150 credits at $0.66 per credit- $99 per month,
  • 400 Annual Plan: 600 credits at $0.50 per credit- $299 per year,
  • 800 Annual Plan: 1,200 credits at $0.42 per credit- $499 per year, and
  • 2,500 Annual Plan: 3,750 credits at $0.26 per credit- $990 per year.

Visit Plr.Me

How to Customize the PLR Videos?

PLR videos are delivered with transcripts and voiceovers so you can easily customize them the way you want.

As a rule, if you plan to sell, use the videos on your website or create online courses, you must customize them.

To customize videos, especially those that come with transcripts or audio files, you can use an online video editor like InVideo.

This platform enables you to create new videos out of transcript text files, cut, crop, and flip footage, add nice-sounding automated voice-overs to videos, etc.

Here are a few tips to customize PLR videos:

  • Reorganize the content or structure of the transcripts or audio files.
  • Create awesome intros and outros.
  • Replace the images with more eye-catching ones
  • Brand the videos with your logo

Once you customize PLR videos fully, you can use them on the most popular online platforms like YouTube, and many others out there.

Can I upload PLR videos on YouTube?

YouTube statistics suggest that 2.6 billion people use the platform currently making it the second-most popular platform around the world.

This explains why many people are interested in creating videos for YouTube. Even though PLR videos can be a great way to keep your YouTube subscribers entertained and engaged, you need to be aware of the platform’s rules and guidelines.

First off, YouTube hates plagiarized content. The platform uses an advanced algorithm to extract a transcript from any video to check the uniqueness of the content. 

If the algorithm detects any plagiarism with your videos (this happens for videos that come with Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights since they don’t allow any modifications), they might be taken down.

If you also plan to package PLR videos with other products to create online courses to sell on Udemy or other online course providers, you must also make the courses as unique as possible.

Most of these platforms use advanced algorithms to detect plagiarism in the courses and your video courses will be rejected if found not to be unique.

The bottom line: PLR videos are accessible to anyone. That means that the video you’re purchasing/downloading could have been used several times by others in different places.

For that reason, you should customize your videos to make them unique and suitable for use as you wish.

Now that you know what PLR videos are and how to customize them, the next question is where to download them.

Final Words

Creating videos from scratch is a tough task. Fortunately, with PLR videos, you can bypass almost all the hectic stages of the video creation process.

The good thing about PLR videos is that you’re relieved from starting everything from scratch, plus you don’t need to purchase costly video editing tools.

Another amazing thing is that you can resell PLR videos, package them with other digital products, upload them to your YouTube channel, change them into other content formats, or give them away as a gift to your audience.

As a rule, you should customize PLR videos to make them unique before using them.