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Is just like other PLR membership websites? A scam providing you with outdated and junk products.


Is it a legit PLR website? That will provide you with great PLR products to help you with content creation and marketing at an affordable price.

Is worth the price? If yes, then who do benefit from and their products?

I know your mind is going to be filled with such intricate questions.

But don’t worry in this review, we are going to dissect and decipher the complete website along with its products offering, tools, resources, pricing, and more.

So, without ado, let’s start with “What is”

What is

First, let me tell you, “What isn’t?”

  • It isn’t a run-off-the-mill PLR site.
  • It isn’t a PLR site that will offer poorly written and unstructured products.
  • It isn’t a PLR site that wouldn’t regularly update its content.

So then, What is is a reputed and trustworthy source for purchasing done-for-you PLR content that is professionally written and frequently updated.

It was founded in 2008 by Ronnie Nijmeh. With the mission to “make content creation simple so you can make more, live more, and change the world.”

Currently, is the #1 licensed content provider for the health and wellness niche. (And pretty much the #1 PLR site in the market)

Who Benefits from and their products?

Are you a digital marketer or a professional in the health and wellness niche? Is content creation difficult for you?

Do you regularly suffer from mind-block?

Is outsourcing content a risky endeavour? And is hiring full-time content writers costly for you?

Can you relate to any of these questions?


Then, virtually each one of you will be benefited by using and their products.

Whether you need articles on self-improvement or on parenting. Or need a video lectures series on weight loss and fitness. has got you covered. features professionally designed and written content in 69 different categories and 25 types of tools and products.

Pros of

In this part of the review, I am going to list out all the pros associated with the  website.

  • You get products with eye-catching product covers and images

We all have been told “not to judge a book by its cover”, correct?

Sadly, the majority of people judge a product by its appearance. The 1st impression is the last impression as they say.

That’s why it’s important to not only have well-written and structured products. But, also to have eye-catching graphics, designs, and images for your products.

The team recognises that fact. That’s why no matter which product you pick from their vast product library, you will notice that each of them is designed with custom graphics and images.

So with products, you can be sure that any product you purchase will be visually pleasing to your audience.

  • The team regularly updates its content library.

Most PLR membership websites don’t update their content offerings on a regular basis. Rather, they continue to sell the same outdated products for years to come.

What do you think will happen to your reputation, when your audience will find that you are sharing outdated content with them?

Obviously, it will cause serious harm to your reputation.

That’s why using has advantages. They update their whole content library regularly. Thus making sure that you receive quality and authentic products.

  • Their customer support team is super awesome.

You never when you need to contact the customer support. Thankfully, I know that support team is A+ is in this category. Not only do they respond to your support queries, rather they do it quite quickly.

Whereas, other PLR membership website support teams don’t even bother to reply back to your queries.

Also, you can contact the support team via email or through a dedicated support line. That’s correct, they have a dedicated support phone number, where you are connected to real human beings and not bots.

Therefore,’s support team is really super awesome.

  • You are not locked into recurring subscriptions

Most PLR membership websites lure you with attractive annual membership offers. And once you purchase an annual membership plan there is no going back. You are trapped into the subscription model that you don’t know anything about.

But, that’s not true with the website.

It provides you with a pay-as-you-go option that allows you to purchase one-time download credits without having to sign up for recurring monthly or annual subscriptions.

  • Useful tools and resources membership website usage doesn’t end with purchasing and downloading PLR products.

Rather, offers a complete suite of 12 powerful content marketing software tools. Each tool from the team offers unique functions that will help in creating, personalising, or marketing your PLR products. And the great part is that these tools are available for free to the membership holders.

Tools with similar features cost over $40 a month in the market. Offering that for free is really a great feat.

Further, for beginners, provides an impressive collection of tutorials, videos, and resources to help them get started.

  • Provides giveaway rights

Running giveaway campaigns is a great way to get new followers and subscribers. However, not all PLR sites allow you to use their products as giveaways.

That’s where differs from others. allows you the right to give away their products. So, you can use them in the form of content upgrades and lead magnets.

  • A PLR site with a modern website design

I know this point, I may be nit-picking.

But, yes, since you are going to spend much of your time working with the website. It’s beneficial to know how the website performs.

I am happy to report that it works flawlessly. Unlike other PLR websites that look like relics from the Jurassic period. looks modern and incorporates many features like advanced search capability to help you find the right products fast.

Overall, this pro makes the #1 PLR site.

Cons of

Though we just proclaimed the #1 PLR website, that doesn’t mean it is free from any flaws.

  • Credit system is overly complicated

No newbie is going to understand product pricing unless they read a review.

It’s that complicated.

You have free credits that are lapsable, then you have pay-as-you-go credits that last for a lifetime, and finally, membership credits that expire as soon as you cancel the membership.

In short, the credit system is a complete mess. The team needs to refine the credit system in order to simplify it.

  • covers products in only a few niches. 

As mentioned in the beginning, was started with a vision for providing content for health and wellness professionals.

And still, till now, a majority of its products are from the health and wellness niche. With a few products from the digital marketing niche.

That puts it at a disadvantage to other PLR membership websites that offer products in multiple niches.

Further, certain product categories like lead pages, sales pages, and checklists provide a limited number of products.

The team needs to work on incorporating new niches and expanding existing product categories with new products.

  • Doesn’t provide resell right to the purchase content doesn’t allow:-

  1. You cannot transfer the private label rights to others
  2. You cannot resell the rights to the product.
  3. You cannot resell them as your own PLR products.
  4. You cannot use the content as syndicate articles.
  5. You cannot sell the products through auction sites.

Though, these restrictions are essential for them to continue their business. However, they are still restrictive compared to some other PLR membership websites.

What do you get inside

Unlike some dobby PLR membership sites, provides you with an enormous library of products from different niches. And yes, these products are frequently updated.

So, we have done in-depth coverage for different products inside for you in this review.

1. Action Guides, Coaching Handouts, and Lead Magnets

Want to get more contacts for your website? Then this is the product category you definitely need to watch out for.

This product category is filled with useful and actionable guides that you can use as course material or use as a lead magnet to get more subscribers and followers.

2. Affirmation Reflections

Do you want to create content that spreads like wildfire on social media? Then, Affirmation reflection products created by the team won’t let you down.

Affirmation reflections are meant to be short content written around a narrow topic to inspire your audience.

You can use these products in your Twitter posts, Facebook posts, or Pinterest posts to your drive signups or traffic your website.

3. Article & Blog Posts

Everyone wishes to write succulent blog posts that your audience finds engaging. How it’s not possible for non-content writers to produce blog posts of such high quality.

On the other hand, hiring writers through agencies is a costly affair. The rates may go up to $80 per 1000 words for a native writer.

That’s why for folks like you is going to be a god sent. provides you with high-quality articles and blog posts produced by their native English writers in North America.

The articles and blog posts products will come in DOCX, TXT, and PDF files. They normally contain 3 pages of information and are approximately 700 words in length.

4. Assessments & Quizzes

Are you a health and wellness professional? Do you offer coaching and counselling to your clients?

Then this product category is going to be a boon for you.

Sensing the needs of health and wellness professionals, the experts have crafted pre-made assessments and questionnaires for you to use with your client.

5. Audios

In search of smooth and calming music to lighten up your health and wellness class?

But, demotivated by royalty costs.

Don’t worry, has got you covered even on this front. features an impressive collection of royalty-free background music to help you select out.

6. Contracts

Any successful business needs a solid legal framework.

So, do you perform due diligence at the time of signing on new clients?

This isn’t something you can skip over.

That’s why you can use pre-drawn contracts from experts to minimise your legal oversight errors.

7. Challenges

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? People want to bring out the best skills in them.

But, don’t we all need some motivation?

Are you looking to motivate your audience to take up new skills or hobbies? Then, you need materials with an actionable step-by-step guide for you to properly help out your audience.

That’s why the team launched a unique product that will help you challenge your audience to take up new skills and hobbies step-by-step.

8. Coaching Workshops & Slide Deck Presentations

Do you often conduct counselling and coaching consultation with your clients? Whether it’s related to dating or happiness or weight loss. You need to ask your client a lot of questions to get to know them.

That’s where slide deck presentations come into play. These can be used as a presentation aid or as handouts to motivate your clients. There are over 100 such slide deck presentations to help you out.

Just select the right one according to your need, edit them, and use them.

9. Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops

Courses and coaching programmes are great ways to help your clients. However, designing and creating a full-fledged course from scratch isn’t an easy feat. Even the most experienced trainers and tutors shy away from producing their own courses.

However, provides a complete well-structured course to help you get started. These courses, coaching programs, and workshop contains: –

  1. Modules that are broken down into various lessons.
  2. Additional resources in form of checklists, affirmations, quizzes, reflections, and more.
  3. Along with additional alternative titles to help you select the best for your audience.

Overall, courses and coaching programmes from offer a complete package for you.

10. Checklists

Checklists are a great way to improve your branding. Especially the ones designed and created by the team.

These checklists provide a step-by-step way of performing a task. There are over 100+ of these checklists available in different digital marketing and health & wellness niches.

You can use them as a handout or as a content upgrade.

11. Email Sequences

Whether you’re a digital marketer, or a health and wellness professional.

Email marketing is important and it really works. So, ignoring it won’t work.

But, drafting and crafting even a single perfect email is a herculean task. Let alone a complete email series!

This is where is really going to bail you out. features a complete set of professionally written email series on popular digital marketing and health & wellness topics.

With every email sequence purchase you get:-

  1. Promo emails to intimate and ask your email subscribers to sign up for the challenge
  2. Challenge emails containing actual content.
  3. Post-challenge emails to follow up with the subscribers and act as a call to action.

In all, email sequence products can be a great way to drum up your email marketing campaign.

Just personalize the given . DOCX and HTML and your work is done.

12. Fables & Short Stories

Who doesn’t love a good story? Correct?

But, do you think developing great stories that inspire and motivate people is child’s play?

No, it isn’t. Creating fables and short stories takes a lot of time, effort, and cost.

That’s why the team launched the Fables and Short stories product categories with over 90+ products.

13. Facebook Ads

Running Facebook Ads isn’t a simple task.

You need two skills for being a great Facebook Ads creator – copywriting and image designing.

Sadly, both of them are difficult to master.

That’s why, has produced and created professionally designed Facebook Ads templates for running your Ads.

These Facebook Ads products include both Ad copy and Ad images.

Additionally, Ad images are optimized for various formats including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

So, no matter what, you get the highest possible return on your investment.

14. Fact Sheets

Face Sheets are documents containing a collection of facts around a single topic.

Whether you are a healthcare & wellness professional or a digital marketer.

You can use these face sheets for your client education.

All of these are designed keeping proper facts in mind.

On Plus side, these are beautifully designed with impressive colours, patterns, and calligraphy. So, your clients will find them attractive.

15. Journals

Journals designed by the team are great supplementary material for including in your courses. These are professionally designed journals that are meant to be given as handouts to clients.

They are filled with quotes, prompts, and questions that will help your clients achieve their goals.

Each product’s package includes a bonus “fillable” version and a free bonus training video.

16. Landing Pages

A landing page is a highly converting web page designed to boost your sales. And you are going to require landing pages in your journey lot.

Whether you are planning on running your 1st Facebook Ads or selling your eBooks. A well-designed landing page can skyrocket your conversion rate compared to a standard web page. However, hiring web developers, web designers and copywriters isn’t cheap.

That’s where landing pages designed by the team are going to be your saviour. These pages help you make an attractive first impression and achieve a high conversion rate of upto 60%.

17. Lead Magnets

Whether you are a digital marketer or a health & wellness professional. To be successful in your online endeavour, you need to constantly keep in touch with your readers.

That’s where lead magnets come into play. These are highly valued content that you give for free in exchange for an email subscription to your blog.

Thus, for getting starting to start collecting more emails. Give lead magnets professionally designed by professionals a try

18. Reports & eBooks

You gotta love this product category – Reports & eBooks. Writing and producing an eBook is expensive and time-consuming. Let alone proof-reading and scientifically verifying all facts.

That’s why this product category is a virtual gold mine.

Whether you are in search of an eBook on self-improvement or on making money. has got you covered.

There are over 233 Reports & eBooks on popular categories to choose from! Now, coming to product quality, it’s A+. It’s both well-written and attractive.

That’s why for creating your 1st eBook look no further than the website.

19. Sales Pages

Have you purchased a course or ebook from Then, I’m sure that you are inclined to sell them at a margin, correct?

For selling a product you need to have a sales page that displays the key points about your product to your viewers. And it needs to be short, succulent, and interesting. Without this you’ll not be able to convert your audience.

Want to make more sales for your product?

Then, you need to get sale pages created by the team specifically for their eBooks, courses, and coaching programs.

With every purchase, you get sales pages coded in Bootstrap including its source files (HTML, CSS, and JS). So, you are free to make any changes according to your liking.

20. Video Coaching Programs

Don’t have enough time in your hectic workday to create, edit, and produce course videos?

No worries. A lot of professionals face the same problem.

That’s why decided to launch its complete video coaching programs. These are completely ready-made programs that you can use directly without any edits.

21. Video Sales Letter Recordings

Do you wish to catapult your sales numbers? Then just using a sales page isn’t enough.

People get tired of reading text. Videos are more fun and engaging. Video sells.

That’s why to increase your sales page conversion rate, the team developed companions video sale letter recording.

These done-for-you video sale letter recordings are short 2-10 minutes videos that sell your visitors how your product is going to help them. And video sales letters are professionally designed with crisp audio and eye-catching graphics to help you land more sales.

22. Video Sales Letter Slides

Do you want to create a video sale letter recording with your voice? (And don’t want to use voice from some random voice over artist)

That’s why the product creation team developed a video sales letter slide. These are stellar slides created by the expert North America copywriter team.

Each product package contains over 100+ slides in the Powerpoint and Apple Pages format. You just need to do a quick voice-over using on-screen information and some basic audio equipment. And then finally upload the video to your sales pages.

23. Wallpapers

Do you engage with social media audiences often? How regularly do you post on social media?

Consistently engaging with your audience is the key to success. But, everyone eventually runs out of ideas to create and publish posts.

That’s why to help you consistently create amazing posts, has created over 3k wallpaper bundles that you can use as social media posts.

Every bundle is targeted to a specific topic. So, you will never run out of ideas for creating new and engaging social media posts.

Further, the use of these wallpaper isn’t limited to just social media posts. You can use it as cover material for your course and ebooks or as a handout material.

24. Worksheets

Your success as an instructor or a coaching expert depends on your clients success. The more satisfied your client’s are, the greater likelihood that they will recommend you to their friends and families.

Sadly, teaching and motivating your clients with new skills and hobbies isn’t a straightforward task. You need to constantly keep in touch with them. And all this can become a very tiring process.

That’s why to help your clients and minimize your stress, you can use the Worksheets designed by the team.

These worksheets are meant to be used as supplementary material for your courses and coaching programs. Additionally, you can use them as a part of your email and social media outreach campaign.

What else is inside

The team being focused on their mission to make your life simpler doesn’t stop at just creating great PLR products. They offer numerous web-based tools and resources to help you in your content creation, production, and marketing  journey.

And as always to provide you with crystal clear images, we have also decided to review these tools in this review.

Now without waiting up, let’s start checking out tools and resources provided by the website.

1. Content Marketing & Social Media Calendar

You need to be on your toes when you are marketing for your business. There is no point in having a great idea at the wrong time.

The content marketing and social media calendar guide put together by the team allows you to plan your business content marketing and social media strategies well ahead of time. So, you don’t miss any opportunity to promote your business.

And the best thing about content marketing and social media calendar is that it’s free.

The content marketing and social media calendar provides you with unique content marketing strategies and plans to promote your business every day. Whether it’s the simplicity day or the  junk food day.

Just click on each special day or event and you will see product bundles created by the team for that specific day. You just need to download them, brand them, and upload them. It’s that simple.

2. Learning Resources

I know that the products and tools mentioned until now in this review may overwhelm you. And yes team also understands the same, that’s why, they have a huge collection of PLR content marketing training videos, content marketing resources, and free tutorials.

Tools (Bonus In Membership Plan)

1. Auto Slide Deck

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, creating presentations is a mundane task we have to constantly perform. Presentations are an aid to help your audience consistently pay attention to you. It results in a more engaging class.

But, finding new background images, selecting fonts, and writing down the text takes a significant amount of time to get the right design.

That’s what the Auto slide deck tool helps you with. It automatically searches the internet for royalty-free background images, selects complementary colours, and fonts for your presentation.

In all, it automatically creates stunning presentation templates for you. You just need to fill the template with content. And you are good to go.

2. Content Auto Loader

Do you operate a WordPress site? Then, the Content auto loader is going to light up your eyes.


Isn’t copy-pasting from Word to WordPress dashboard a tiresome job? What if you have to do the same thing over and over again for 365 days a year?

Therefore, for its members created the content auto loader tool. It automatically uploads your purchased products into the WordPress dashboard.

What’s more great, is its ability to backdate posts, schedule articles, and auto-upload features. Using the content auto loader tool you will be able to run your site on auto-pilot.

3. PDF Brander

PDFs are a great way to share content. However, PDFs cannot be edited like a regular Word File.

That’s why to ensure that you can personalise your bought PDF courses, affirmation, checklist, and more products, created the PDF brander.

It allows you to quickly personalise your PDFs with your logo, web address, and watermarks.

4. Image Brander

With a subscription, you are going to get access to a huge library of useful images. These images can be used for social media marketing, on your web pages, or inside your emails.

Agonizingly, people don’t respect your copyright laws and end up using your images with your permission. This is a great injustice.

That’s why the team developed the image brander tools. It allows you to quickly and easily personalise your images with your logo, website URL, and call-to-action text.

5. Content Summarizer

Do you want to drive traffic to your website from social media and emails? For that, you need to create bit-sized summaries for your audience to hook them.

Creating summaries can soon become a tiresome process as you have to create different versions for each platform. (As content length limit varies on various social media platforms)

Considering this problem, the team created the Content Summarizer tool to help you create extract summaries from your eBooks, posts, and course material.

6. Video Sales Letter Generator

You already know how powerful an effect a video sales letter can have on your sales and conversion rate.

Therefore to help its members earn more the developed the video sales letter generator tool. The video sale letter generator tool can help you generate video sales letters near-instantaneously from a text outline.

7. Coaching Email Templates

Email marketing is the most effective tool in your arsenal to drive signups and sales. And getting it right is of utmost importance.

That’s where Coaching Email Template tools come into the limelight. It provides you with premade email templates designed by copywriters. From abandonment cart to follow up with a client, the coaching email template tool has a template for your every requirement.

8. Perfect Email Formatter

While being great at writing emails is important, it’s equally important to ensure that your emails are displayed correctly on devices.

We all have been emails that look ugly on our mobile devices. For the same reason, developed the Perfect Email Formatter tool.

It allows you to convert plain email text into HTML code. This optimized HTML code ensures that your emails are perfectly formatted for mobile devices.

So, say bye to ugly-looking emails with the Perfect Email Formatter tool.

9. Image Animator

You should know that a single image can speak a thousand words. And that is why images are so powerful. Also, a well-designed image captivates the audience.

That’s what had in their mind when they developed the Image Animator tool. The Image Animator tool allows you to create attention-grabbing, viral images, and gifs.

The animated image creation part is straightforward with the tool, just select your preferred images, insert text, select font style, and colour. And finally, schedule time changes between the images.

Do you want to see an image animator in action?

Just visit any product page, where you can see how beautifully they have created and integrated animated images.

10. Dupe Examiner

Dupe examiner is a WordPress plugin that you can use to see how unique your content is. Normally, while rewriting you should try to keep 70% – 80% of your work original. Any less than that and Google may blacklist your site.

To solve this problem, developed the Dupe Examiner tool. It shows you in percentage how original your content really is.

11. Virtual Fax Machine

Though faxing documents isn’t that popular in 2021. It’s still a thing.

So for their paid members, developed the Virtual Fax Machine tool. It allows you to send free faxes around the world at no additional cost.

Additionally, you will be able to see the status of all the sent documents in a single dashboard. While receiving email upon successful sending.

12. WP Swipe & Deploy

Not only provides you with sales pages, but it also provides you with the WP swipe and deploy tool to select the best converting sales pages.

The working of WP swipe and deploy is relatively simple. It provides you with highly converting sales page and blog title headlines to choose from. Additionally, it also allows you to A/B split test different headlines to get the best converting ones.

13. Product Showcase

Product Showcase by is an underrated tool. Tools with similar functions cost upwards of 10$ dollars a month. provides it free for its membership clients.

The Product Showcase tool allows you to create grid-styled images for your products. Working with this tool is a breeze as it takes well under a few minutes to get the job done.

Designing such product spreads gives your customers visual proof and improves their confidence.

Do you want to see this tool in action?

Visit any eBook product page where you can see how they have used the Product Showcase tool to provide visual proof of what lies inside their product.

Note –

These tools are only exclusively available to members on monthly and yearly subscription plans. People with extra credits in their balance cannot use these tools.

How much costs?

Finally, the part has come in the review to let the cat out of the bag. How much does cost?

Though the pricing is a bit complicated. Let me simplify it for you.

Essentially, whenever you are making a purchase on the site, you need to use credit. And not with actual money.

But, to get credits you need to purchase them. And there are three ways to get credits:-

  • Free Membership Plan

Yes, the website provides its every registered member two credits per month for free. These credits expire every month, so be sure to use them before they expire.

  • Pay-as-you-go Model

People who don’t purchase products that often or want to try before purchasing membership can purchase credits on a pay-as-you-go model.

It’s pretty straightforward. You can purchase 1 credit for 2.2 US dollars. Though, you need to purchase a minimum of 10 credits at a time.

Also, unlike free plan credits, these credits don’t expire. They are valid for a lifetime.

  • Monthly and Annual Membership Plans 

In this mode, you have to pay for a monthly and annual membership subscription plan. Each of these plans provide you with different credit benefits.

  • 100 Monthly Membership Plan

The 100 monthly plan provides you 100 credits per month for $99 dollars a month. Additionally, it provides you access to the above 12 content marketing software tools and’s Facebook mastermind group.

  • 400 Annual Membership Plan

The 400 Annual plan costs $379 a year and provides you with 400 credits. Further, it also provides access to the same 12 content marketing software and Facebook groups.

  • 800 Annual Membership Plan

The 800 Annual plan costs $579 a year and provides you with 800 credits. And in addition to the 400 annual plan benefits, you get priority in deciding on new content.

  • 2500 Annual Membership Plan

The 2500 Annual plan costs $990 a year and provides you with 2500 credits. Rest all benefits are similar to 800 annual plans.

In all the monthly and annual plans, as long as your subscription is active, credits are rolled over to the next month.

Visit Plr.Me

How to use products?

Let me tell you, there are numerous ways to use products.

You just need to think out-of-the-box to properly utilize the PLR content provided by

Still, to help you get started, We have shortlisted some of the most popular ways.

Run Giveaways

Everyone loves freebies!

But, that doesn’t mean you start handing out content and products for free.

Instead, you can start giveaways for the purchased products from

You can run giveaway campaigns to hand out products in exchange for gaining email subscribers, social media followers, and more.

Incorporate into a series of blog post can provide you with extensive in-depth guides and ebooks.

But, not everyone wants to read 20,000 words eBook.

You can use eBooks from to create a series of blog posts on a particular topic by breaking up the eBooks into smaller chapters.

Use as a “lead magnet”

You might not know about lead magnets. But, you would have definitely come across them.

Have you ever seen a popup that offers you ebooks, checklists, product guides in exchange for your email id?

That’s a lead magnet.

Lead Magnet is the content used for collecting contact information from readers in exchange for product guides, workbooks, and more.

Use For Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to drive traffic and sales.

But, it requires you to provide useful content to your email subscribers in exchange.

And let me tell you, it’s not easy.

You need to create content that is unique, informative, and short.

Therefore, you can use the products on email marketing to send highly converting emails to your subscribers.

Resell them as e-Books

Did you know that you can resell products? (With paying any royalties)

Isn’t that great?

Just use as a starting point, expand the content, add more images.

And boom you are done.

Just then the finished eBook on Amazon or your website at a markup. Without worrying about paying royalties.

Use As Coaching Material

Whether you conduct online or physical coaching.

Any form of teaching requires an enormous amount of teaching material. And it’s a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

This is where is going to a god sent for you.

Any product you purchase from, whether ebooks, quizzes, assessments, challenges, fact sheets. You can use them freely in your digital or physical course material.

Use for Social Media Marketing and Advertising

To be successful at social media marketing you need to create content that’s more creative and trendy than your regular blog posts.

And that makes it a tough skill to master.

But, don’t worry. with its impressive collection of various social media-ready posts can definitely help you out.

Additionally, for those of you health and wellness gurus, looking to start Facebook Ads for your business, there is a whole other product category for that.

Now one thing would be clear to you in this review that it’s a really useful site. (But, will circle back to that topic in the later part)

For now, In this review, we will now start dissecting each and every product offering inside

Frequently Asked Question

Though, most points about have been made clear in the above review. Still, we have devoted a special section to answer the most frequently answered questions about the site and its offerings.

What makes different?

There are four major points that differentiate from other PLR sites:-

  1. Quality product offerings.
  2. The Content library is frequently updated.
  3. A stellar customer support team.
  4. Useful digital marketing tools for its members.

Due to these four major advantages, is the #1 PLR membership site in the market.

Why should I use content?

Here are a few reasons why you should use

  1. You don’t have time for content creation.
  2. You always suffer from a mind-block while starting to write on new topics.
  3. If you think that content creation is expensive and time-consuming.
  4. If you have been duped by other PLR membership websites.
  5. Want quality content written by native North American writers.

Is Scam or Legit? is a 100% legit site that provides you with the best PLR products in the market.

If you are not totally sold on, then you first try products first by purchasing them using pay-as-you-go download credits.

That way you can purchase and download products without signing on for recurring monthly or annual subscriptions.

Is free?

The answer is somewhere between a Yes and No.

Yes, because the site does have a free membership plan that offers you 2 free credits every month. However, the free plan is really limited.

No, because for purchasing most products you are going to need to pay.

How Do Credits Work?

Unlike other PLR sites, doesn’t offer products in exchange for direct cash. You need to first purchase download credits.

The credits can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis or by purchasing a monthly or annual membership plan.

Each method offers credit at different prices.

  1. Pay-As-You-Go Plan: Costs $2.20 for one download credit
  2. Monthly Plan: Costs $0.99 per download credit
  3. 400 Annual Plan: Costs $0.95 per download credit
  4. 800 Annual Plan: Costs $0.72 per download credit
  5. 2500 Annual Plan: Costs $0.40 per download credit

Further, purchasing a product in different categories requires a different number of download credits.

  1. Articles, Affirmations, Wallpapers, Checklists, and Worksheets cost 1 download credit per product.
  2. Action guides and fables cost 2 download credits per product.
  3. Facebook Ads cost 3+ download credits per product.
  4. Slide deck presentation costs 5 download credits per product.
  5. Email sequences, landing pages, coaching challenges, and reports & eBooks costs 5+ download credit per product.
  6. Complete down-fo-you course costs 30+ download credits per product.

Is Worth the Money?

Yes, is totally worth your money.

If you regularly need content for your website, social media, course, or coaching workshops. Then, can provide you a return in multiples compared to your investment.

In a year, if you require the following content:-

  1. 20 eBooks
  2. 10 Slide Deck Presentations
  3. 5 coaching bundles
  4. And a 1-course package.

It would cost you around $35,500 by considering typical freelancer costs and would take about 2000 hrs to do the job.

While with you end up saving up to $35,000 and around 2000 work hours.

That’s a lot.

So, yes, use products to the fullest. They are definitely with the money.

What happens if I don’t use all of my download credits each month?

There are three possibilities depending on your download credit type:-

  1. Free download credits provides members with 2 free download credits every month. But, these credits expire at the end of the month.

  1. Pay-as-you-go download credits

These credits don’t expire, they are valid for a lifetime.

  1. Monthly and Annual download credits

These can be rolled over to the next month/year as long as you have an active subscription.

Can set up the content or website for me?

No team can’t help you with setting up your content or website. Though, you can use their WP swipe and deploy plugin to set up your WordPress website with a year’s worth of content.

Also, for any more technical task you can hire a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork.