Do you want to use free PLR products but aren’t sure where to download them? 

I have been using free Private Label Rights products (this includes PLR courses, videos, articles, eBooks, and many others) for many years now. 

I have also seen tons of websites that claim to offer free PLR content but my concern has always been on the quality of the content.

That’s why in this article, I have sampled tons of websites and pulled out these 8 best PLR websites for free PLR products.

But before I get into the list of the websites, let’s understand a few things:

What Are PLR Products?

PLR products entail all the digital content offered with a Private Label Rights license and enable you to use them for various purposes, claim ownership, modify the content of the products, etc.

PLR products are a great solution for online marketers and other professionals that don’t want to spend a lot of resources and time to create product from scratch.

What are the Different Types of PLR Products?

Here are the most common categories of PLR products you can download from various PLR providers and membership websites:

  • PLR Articles: Articles are the most versatile types of PLR products since you can use them the way you want. For instance, you can put several articles together to create eBooks, create blog posts out of them or break them into smaller pieces and use them as social media posts.
  • PLR eBooks: eBooks are also the common PLR products that you can give them out to your subscribers, and rewrite to create a whole book. In most cases, eBooks are created in the form of PDF or DOCX files thus you can easily edit them the way you want. 
  • PLR Videos:  PLR videos come in the form of how-to guides and courses that you can use to educate your audience about a given topic or recreate it the way you want.

Other types of PLR products include audiobooks, software, reports, graphics, scripts, training courses, etc.

Where to Download Free PLR Content?

You can find plenty of PLR websites offering free PLR products on the web today. However, I’m going to talk about the ones that I have used since.

Note that the products you’re going to download from these sites aren’t of the highest quality so I recommend you to purchase premium quality content since they aren’t costly and their quality is also high.

For instance, you can download quality PLR content from at $.40 per download.

Ready to discover the best websites for free PLR products?

Let’s get rolling.


Coming first on our list of the best websites for free PLR products is This website is renowned for offering the best quality digital products and I can attest to this as a regular user of their products.

In fact, of all the websites I have used, stands out as the best of the best due to the quality and wide range of products including visual media, PLR articles, online courses, worksheets,  coaching programs, etc.

Currently, the website allows users to download individual and bundled products. You can also subscribe to their monthly or annual plans.

The best thing is that most of the products are uniquely written by an in-house team of English-speaking writers.

The website covers PLR content in different niches such as:

  • Health, 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Parenting
  • Money management
  • Business
  • Dating & relationships
  • Weight loss & fitness
  • Career & job
  • Self-help 
  • Personal development and many other topics.

How to Download Free PLR Products From

Since the website focuses on high-quality digital products, there are no free PLR products.

Nevertheless, there are two ways to download awesome products from this website for free:

First, you can create a free account and download 2 free credits every month that you can enable you to download a few products on the website every month:

Secondly, you can click this special link and get 10 FREE CREDITS that you can use to download a few high-quality premium products from the website.

Visit Plr.Me

2. PLRDatabase

PLRDatanase is also another awesome PLR website but not as great as

As the name suggests, the website contains a massive database of over 26,000 premium products and more than 1,500 free products ready for download


Most of the products come with Private Label Rights and you can also get products with other licenses like Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights, Personal Use, Commercial Use, and Give Away Rights.

Inside the database, you will find tons of free PLR products such as eBooks, audio, video courses, squeeze pages, article bundles, and more.

The products cover different niches such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Psychology
  • Business
  • Food and Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Health
  • Entertainment
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Technology
  • Etc.

How to Download Free PLR Products From PLRDatabase? is 100% free to join.

All you need to start downloading free PLR products is to sign up for an account to access their free product section and download unlimited selected free products for free.

Note that what you get in the free membership plan is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’d want to access their product marketplace and download premium quality content, you can join their paid plans for $10 per user/month, $25 per user/3 months, or $49 per user/year.

Visit PLRDatabase

3. IDPLR is also another amazing PLR membership site that allows you unlimited access to all products once you register your account.

Idplr-Best plr membership sites

Founded in 2008, the website stores over 12,500 products with PLR and Resale rights licenses that enable you to sell, edit, and claim ownership of the products.

Similar to, IDPLR has a free product section where you can download up to 141 eBooks, 142 software programs, 143 videos, 144 audiobooks, 146 graphics, and 145 templates for free.

Please note that most of the products in the free section come with PLR, Resell and Master Resale Licenses. Most of the products cover popular topics such as online marketing, health, self-help, lifestyle, web, and tech.

How To Download PLR Products from IDPLR?

To download free IDPLR products, you need to register a free account and then head over to the Free Products section. Upon registering, you will be able to download 200 free products instantly.

To learn how to use the products from this website, visit their Dashboard page.

Note that the quality of the free products from this website is low so you’d probably want to upgrade your membership.

The best thing about IDPLR is that you can purchase their lifetime access plan for $79 and access all the current products listed on the website for the rest of your life and all other products that will be listed in the future.

You can also subscribe to their 3-month access plan for $39 or choose their yearly access plan for $69. When you join their paid membership plans, you also gain access to the bonus section.

Visit IdPLR

4. BigProductStore

Big Product Store was established in 2012 and currently has a massive library of over 10K PLR and Resell Rights products.


The website offers different types of PLR products such as articles, videos, templates and graphics, eBooks, software, and more.

Each of these products comes with Private Label Rights, Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights, Giveaway Rights, or Personal Use Rights.

It’s worth mentioning that each of these licenses dictates what you can or not do with the product so you need to refer to the FAQs page to familiarize yourself with each type of license. 

One of the challenges about this website is that you can’t tell right away what niches the products cover. 

How To Download Free PLR Products from BigProductStore?

To download free PLR products from this membership website, you need to register a free lifetime account by filling out your details in the sign-up form provided with your valid email address then confirm your registration to activate your account and start downloading products for free. 

The amazing thing about this website is that you can also register a lifetime account to access all PLR products listed (to be listed) on the website with a one-time fee of $98.50 or choose the monthly option of $19.90 per month.

Visit BigProductStore

5. Resell Rights Weekly

Unlike Big Product Store and other PLR websites I have highlighted above, Resell Rights Weekly is a free website that allows you to download done-for-you digital products with Private Label Rights, Master Resell Rights, Giveaway Rights, Personal Use, and other licenses.

Resell-rights-weekly-Best Cheap Plr Site

Be sure to check out the type of license of the product you’re downloading so that you know what you can do(or what you can’t do with it) to avoid facing legal issues.

Currently, the site has over 728 PLR or RR digital products, more than 330 free tools, and over 10,740 free PLR articles.

The design looks like an old-school Craigslist from the 90s though. Plus the products don’t have detailed descriptions so you can’t tell whether what you’re downloading will be beneficial to you or not.

How To Download Free PLR Product From Resell Rights Weekly?

To download Resell Rights Weekly PLR products, you need to register a free account by filling out a form listed on the website. Inside the form, you can specify whether you want to register a free or Gold Membership.

Once you sign up Resell Rights Weekly will send you an email with a link that will enable you to download over 10,740 free PLR articles plus a few how-to guides that teach you how to make the most out of the articles.

You can also check out their free section of PLR products which lists tons of eBooks.

Resell Rights Weekly offers a membership plan as well which gives you access to their premium digital products. You can try out their premium products at only $1 for one week. If you like their products, you can upgrade your membership to $19.95 per month.

Visit Resell Rights Weekly

6. PLR Free Online isn’t as popular as and other websites featured in this list but still has something to offer to PLR product users.


As the website’s name suggests, the platform offers tons of free PLR products. For instance, over 1,200 free products are listed that comprise of article bundles, videos, software, eBooks, etc. The products also cover most of the popular world topics.

What I liked about this website is that at least the products are listed with some brief descriptions to help you know what you’re downloading. 

Besides, the products are listed with a score based on how many people found them useful or unuseful to them. Products with a high rating score show that they are worth using than those with a low score.

How to Download Free PLR Products From PLR Free Online?

The most interesting thing about PLR Free Online is that all the products are readily available. All you need is to visit the website, locate the product you’re interested in, and hit the download button.

The quality of the content isn’t up to the mark. Besides, they have been used by tens of thousands of people thus you’re likely to face plagiarism issues when you use them the way they are.

Visit PLR Free Online 

7. FreePlrDownloads

Free PLR Downloads is yet another FREE PLR website that offers tons of digital products to download for free. They include software, eBooks, videos, articles, etc.


Most of the free digital products come with Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, Personal Use Rights, or Resell Rights.

The products cover popular topics such as health, relationships, finance, advertising, lifestyle, self-help, weight loss, tech, etc.
Unfortunately, this website has hundreds of PLR content but is of low quality. Plus the website design looks outdated.

How to Download Free PLR Products From FreePlrDownloads?

Similar to, you don’t need to sign up to download products from this website. All you need to do is to visit the website, locate your product then read the description, if you feel it meets your needs, hit the download button.

You’d be surprised how the website makes money but it’s monetized by Google ads. I found the ads so annoying because you might end up clicking on the wrong item.

Visit FreePLRdownloads


Coming at number 8 of the best website for free PLR products is PLRPLR.

This isn’t a website but is designed as a free PLR article directory boasting hundreds of thousands of free articles with Private Label Rights that allow you to modify them as you want, rebrand, and use them the way you wish.


The articles cover almost all the world’s niches and sub-niches such as forex, finance, gaming, health, leadership, home security, ovarian cancer, religion, dating and relationship, and many others. 

The downside about this article directory is, the articles are short- approximately 200 to 500 words long.

Given that thousands of people flock to this directory to download articles, it’s hard to get original content unless you download and make the articles unique by adding more content and removing some content from them.

Each article has a link at the top right-hand side that directs you to an article rewriter software that costs $67 that you can use to spin these articles to make them unique.

If you care about your audience, I don’t recommend using some of these article rewriter tools as they aren’t capable of producing articles with human voice.

Ideally, I’d recommend using these articles as resources for ideas.

How to Download Free PLR Articles

PLRPLR articles are easily accessible. To use the articles, you don’t need to sign up for an account. You also don’t need to log in or download the articles. You just need to open the article you want, highlight it, and copy it right away.


One Last Piece of Advice

Up to this far, you must have found the best website for free PLR products. As you have seen, most of the websites featured in this list offer tons of free PLR products with different license types that allow you to use them in different ways.

Even though some license types allow you to use the articles the way they are, I recommend changing them once you have downloaded them. Otherwise downloading a free article and publishing it right away to your blog without modifying it can make you face plagiarism issues. In fact, that’s a recipe for feeding your audience with content that adds no value to them.

This is because the chances of getting 100% unique and high-quality free PLR product from these websites is low.

Final Thoughts

The websites I have reviewed above can be a great source for downloading free PLR products. But if you still aren’t which website to use then I highly recommend using

The website offers high-quality PLR products written by an in-house team of English speakers. That means that you get articles that are grammatically correct and without any mistakes.

Besides, you can download awesome PLR products using this special link. Click the link to get 10 free credits to download multiple products for free.